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The Land Of Oz – Ancient Healing Wisdom Goes Mainstream

ancient healing

Whatever it takes, right? Well, in the case of TV personality Dr. Oz, I’d agree. Why? Because finally, finally, the healing wisdom of old has made some headway into the mainstream mind. And in today’s world of corrupted Big Pharma, … Read More

The Nocebo Effect – Deepak Chopra’s Radical Advice

Deepak Chopra

Short, sweet and to the point. Deepak Chopra, answering a question about a terminal diagnosis says this: “Don’t believe the prognosis.” Radical? Maybe, maybe not. The good doc says that when a medical professional gives a ‘terminal’ diagnosis, they’re introducing … Read More

Will the Real Alternative Medicine Please Stand Up!

alternative medicine

Alternative Medicine? – You Decide I think the whole notion of ‘alternative medicine’ is actually kind of funny. When you consider the kinds of healing modalities included in the ‘alternative medicine’ category – things like traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), herbalism, … Read More