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The Value and Importance Of Clearing Your Chakras

your chakras

What do your chakras have to do with healing and balancing your life? Pretty much everything. There are lots of great chakra vids out there, but this one is really excellent! It’s short, simple, and chock full of great suggestions … Read More

Chakra Balancing – 10 Minute Guided Meditation

chakra balancing

Dear Healer’s Way readers, I’m back to working with my chakras during my morning meditation and, as the Law of Attraction in action would have it, I’ve come across a very pleasing, 10 minute guided meditation to help you clear … Read More

Your Central Energy Core – The 7 Primary Chakras

7 primary chakras

This is a most beautiful video! The visuals, the music & the clear descriptions of each chakra will help you make sense of them, your kundalini energy, and how they work together to form your core energy system. The video … Read More

Your Chakras, Your Seven Centers Of Energy


Dear friends and angels, If you’re interested in the energy areas of your body or have some sort of emotional and physical issue you want to learn more about, look into your chakras, you may find the solution within. Chakras … Read More

Ayurveda – One Of The Most Relaxing Ways To Sooth The Body


Greetings friends and angels, Imagine the silky sensation of smooth warm oil all over your body as soft hands knead and rub you down. That’s what Ayurveda Panchakarma Oil Massage Therapy is all about. If you still don’t have a … Read More

Meditate Where You Are RIGHT NOW!


Greetings Friends and Angels, I love this video! It challenges some myths about meditation and healing. You do not need a special room for this, you do not need to be in the “right frame of mind”. You meditate to … Read More

Healing Week LAST Day: Your Closing Chakra Love Meditation by Angelique Bianca :)

Greetings friends and angels! This is the last day of our healing week, and angels, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed taking this journey with all 3815 of you! Since April 14th, you’ve experienced intention meditations, read a distance healing report and how … Read More

Your Invite To The Chakra Healing For Holistic Living Webinar!

Carol Tuttle

Greetings friends and angels, In response to all your questions about chakra healing, my friend and master energy therapist Carol Tuttle has decided to produce a webinar for our healing community! ==> Click here to claim your invite, and listen … Read More

How Motherhood and Depression Led Her to Discover the Power of Chakra Healing, and 3 Easy Vitality Techniques You Too Will Benefit From


Editor’s Note: Hi Angels! Angelique here. Remember how I mentioned that I was searching extensively for a chakra healing expert to interview / share with you? Well, not too long after I made the “intention”, this amazing woman, Carol, came … Read More

Chakra Meditation #7: Balancing Your Crown Chakra


Greetings friends and angels Ready for more chakra meditation videos? This is the sixth guided visualization-meditation exer­cise video of a 7-part video series of chakra balancing YouTube videos and today, we’re meditating to balance your crown chakra, which is also … Read More

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