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Navigating Your Higher Energies – Chakras 8-12 With Carol Tuttle

chakras 8-12

There are chakras beyond the body that are now being activated. Learning to work with them will help you navigate the planetary shift. As I shared in one of last week’s posts, I recently attended a very transformative event with … Read More

The Foot Chakra – New Teachings From Carol Tuttle

foot chakra

Did you know you have a ‘foot’ chakra? Yep, you do, and learning how to work with it is key to a number of things, especially those related to health, manifestation and the material world! I spent last weekend in … Read More

Sweet Surrender – The Heart Chant

sweet surrender heart chant

Since my post on Healing and your Heart Chakra, some of you have asked me to record the chant I love to sing when I really want to open my Heart Center. Well, it took me  a little time to … Read More

Your Chakras And Your Aura – Dawn’s Aura Photograph Video

chakra healing aura

Dear Healer’s Way readers, I’d like you to join me on a short (virtual) trip to a special little shop in the heart of Asia. I thought I’d have a look at the connection between our chakras and the aura, … Read More

Your Chakras, Healing And You – Take The Chakra Test!

chakra healing

How healthy are your chakras? See below for a link to the chakra test to find out … Read More