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Kundalini Rising – How To Enhance Your Sexuality With Crystals And Gemstones

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Dear Healer’s Way readers, I found a lovely email in my inbox this morning from one of the sites I subscribe to. In it was a link to an article about how to use crystals and gemstones to enhance your … Read More

Crystal Healing – A Stone To Still The Mind

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No, it’s not a loyal dog in shades of black, brown or gold – but it does come from the same area – Labrador, New Foundland, Canada. I’m talking about the semi-precious gem stone called Labradorite, and I want to … Read More

Using Crystals for Healing – A Quick Guide for Any Energy Healer


Greetings friends and angels! How many of you use crystals for healing? I was looking around and I saw this interesting guide from Associated Content on how to perform quick crystal healings, regardless of where you are! So for those … Read More

Healing With Crystals

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Okay, so many not all of you believe in the healing powers of crystals. But there are a ton of other things that we take as science but aren’t proven. So this is where we hit metaphysics. If you’re new … Read More