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It Only Takes 10 Minutes To Heal Your Heart


Greetings friends and angels Are you going through a rough patch? Are you feeling lost with all the chaos happening around you? Are you feeling unsure about yourself? Put aside 10 minutes today. Find a quiet spot. Listen deep and … Read More

The Healing Week Day 1 – The Power of Intention: Techniques To Eliminate Energy Blockages & Release Your Inner Healer

Greetings friends and angels! How was the meditation? I hope you enjoyed it, and now feel energized and ready to start your healing journey! Here’s your first healing material to kick start the week. This report is prepared by Barbara … Read More

Reiki Distance Healing


One of the most amazing forms of healing comes from Reiki. This particular form and use of Reiki, however, transcends time and space. It truly is amazing. Practitioners use it on friends and family that are far away, spread the … Read More