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Are You An Over-Giver? – An Energy Healer’s Look At Fibromyalgia

healing fibromyalgia

Are you an over-giver? Do you do and do and do for others without giving and doing for yourself? The reason why I ask is because the subject of healing Fibromyalgia has come up a lot lately and I’m finding … Read More

Are You Connected? – The Reconnection With Dr. Eric Pearl

the Reconnection

Dr. Eric Pearl calls “The Reconnection” an expanded level of energy healing that “changes you instantly.” How? By becoming a catalyst for change. It’s a new kind of healing and he says it’s a part of our human evolution, and … Read More

Who Are You Really – How To Use Deep Spiritual Inquiry For Soul Healing

spiritual inquiry

“The Truth of who you are cannot be thought,” says spiritually enlightened teacher, Gangaji. The deepest inquiry, she explains is the question, “Who am I?” and when you peel back the layers of thought about who-you-think-you-are, what emerges is a … Read More

Healing Travel Missive #3 – Pranic Healing Courses

healing travel pranic healer

Dear Healer’s Way Readers, As you know, I recently connected with healers and light workers living and working in Thailand. In today’s post, I want to tell you about my meeting with a certified Pranic Healer. John is a gentle … Read More

What is an Energy Healer?

energy healer

What is an Energy Healer? An energy healer is someone who works with balancing the field of energy that surrounds the human (or animal) body. This energy field is called by different things in different traditions, such as auric body, … Read More

Hands That Heal Without Touch


Greetings Friends and Angels, There is a shift in consciousness in the world today and spirituality makes a hot topic. This change in thinking has allowed us to tap into new frequencies of healing and evolution such as Reconnective Healing … Read More

ASK Byron Katie Your Most BURNING Healing Question!


Greetings friends and angels, I hope this finds you WONDERFUL! I am so excited because a couple of weeks ago I got to meet Byron Katie at a lecture/workshop she was hosting in Ojai. I asked her if I could … Read More

Protected: Healing Week Day 6: Judith Conroy Shares With Us How YOU Can Become A Spiritual Leader, Not Follower


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Healing Week Day 5: Qigong Master of The Year Shares Qigong Secrets of Everlasting Healing


Greetings friends and angels, Welcome to day 5 of our healing week! So far we’ve covered meditation, intention, distance healing and Barbara’s “ITM” Quantum Optimizations modality and taken a spin of your average Qigong practice by adding magnets…. so today, … Read More

The Healing Week Day 4: Qigong Master Peter Ragnar Reveals Little-Known Secrets That Have Made "Aging" An Obsolete Word!


Greetings friends and angels, Welcome to Day 4 of our Healing Week! Today, Peter Ragnar reveals to our healing community his little-known healing secrets AND how you can boost your energy practice dramatically just by adding a pair of magnets! … Read More

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