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The Power Within You – How To Forgive For Your Own Good


I’ve been on a Forgiveness kick lately, over here at The Healer’s Way, in my personal life, and on my spiritual blog site, Why? Because forgiveness is a stupendously powerful way to heal yourself and set yourself free! In … Read More

Earth Energy Healing – Tree Of Life Meditation Part II

tree of life meditation II

Last week I shared with you part I of my favorite guided meditation for soothing fear, grounding and energizing. I call it the Tree of Life, and the first half helps you sink your ‘roots’ into the Earth. Here’s part … Read More

Earth Energy Healing – Tree Of Life Meditation Part 1

tree of life meditation

Whenever you’re feeling fear, uncertainty, tired or even just ‘spaced out,’ you can ground yourself with healing earth energy using this Tree of Life meditation. I’ve used it for years and it’s helped me in times of trouble or fatigue. … Read More

Tap Into Healing – EFT With Dr. Carol Look

tap into healing

Are you traumatized from an ancient emotional ‘wound’ that’s sabotaging your life now? Dr. Carol Look is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Master. And in this vid, she demonstrates the power of this technique for transforming false beliefs about yourself. … Read More

Listen With Your Heart – How To Learn From The Trees

listen with your heart

One of the members of our Healer’s Way, Facebook community recommended a video last week that was so beautiful, I wanted to share it with all of you here. After I posted a picture of me hugging a tree, I … Read More

That Healing Touch – Partner Exercises To Build Your Sensitivity

healing touch

On Monday I shared a healing touch exercise to help you build your hands’ sensitivity to subtle energies. These are fun and easy to do any time. But what’s even more fun is building your hand sensitivity to energies with … Read More

Sensing The Subtle – How To Build Your Healing Touch Ability

healing touch exercise

Would you like to be an energy healer but don’t think you can ‘feel’ energy? Believe it or not, lots of energy healers start out this way. Sensing energy is a skill you can learn. All it takes is some … Read More

Ayurveda – One Of The Most Relaxing Ways To Sooth The Body


Greetings friends and angels, Imagine the silky sensation of smooth warm oil all over your body as soft hands knead and rub you down. That’s what Ayurveda Panchakarma Oil Massage Therapy is all about. If you still don’t have a … Read More

Hands That Heal Without Touch


Greetings Friends and Angels, There is a shift in consciousness in the world today and spirituality makes a hot topic. This change in thinking has allowed us to tap into new frequencies of healing and evolution such as Reconnective Healing … Read More

Protected: Healing Week Day 6: Judith Conroy Shares With Us How YOU Can Become A Spiritual Leader, Not Follower


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