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Attune Your Spirit – Deep Meditation Music

deep meditation

For expanding your consciousness and attuning your spirit-mind-body, beautiful music can be a powerful ally. Give yourself a peaceful break and enjoy the tranquility and calm of this 10 minute Deep Meditation attunment – and enjoy the beautiful images, too! … Read More

Healing With The Archetypes – An Exclusive LIVE Interview!

healing with the archetypes

I’m delighted to invite you to an exclusive, LIVE event with me next week … Read More

Dances With Wolves Revisited – Energy Healing A Wild Wolf

energy healing wolf

Did you see the movie, “Dances with Wolves”? Did you cry when the soldier killed that magnificent creature? I sure did. In fact, I pretty much bawled my eyes out for most of that movie – twice! Why? Because it … Read More

More Than Sci-Fi Fantasy – The Bioenergetic Basis Of Illness

energy body

If you’ve got friends, family or loved ones who think energy medicine is a bunch of hocus pocus, then I know you’ll appreciate this insightful article by Larry Malerba, DO. He makes a very simple point: since the laws of … Read More

Whales, Humans And Music – Heal The World With Song

vibrational healing

Is this video about healing? You be the judge … Not many humans know the value of vibrational energy for healing yet, but the whales sure do! And this vid triggered a bright idea In “Song of the Spindle” a sperm … Read More

Money And You – Healing your Dance with Abundance

healing abundance

Are you looking for the inspiration and practical skills you need to create a successful business based on your Soul’s unique calling? How about a scholarship to learn exactly this? Read More

Hands-On Energy Healing – Great Vid On How It’s Done!

how to energy healing

This is pretty neat. A video that was actually on a show produced for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the practitioner shows how she creates an energy circuit using her hands and crystals before moving energy through her … Read More

The Mighty Power Of You – How To Be Your Magnificent Self

your magnificent self

“Your playing small does not serve the world.” ♥ Is there an area of your life where you’re ready to step into bigger shoes but balking a little at how this might create change? Read More

A Wound Many Share – Healing Our Block To Abundance

healing blocked abundance

Dear Healer’s Way Readers, I’m absolutely blown away! In just 2 days time, more than 13 thousand people listened to Christie Marie Sheldon’s Abundance event. Not only that – her entire program was sold out in about 48 hours! Why does this … Read More

Raise Your Vibes – Vibrational Healing For You

vibrational healing

Dear Healer’s Way readers, Author Dawn James is a member of our Facebook community. Her new book, Raise your Vibration, Transform your Life, is having a powerful impact on readers – a vibrational healing. Dawn says, “When we learn to … Read More

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