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How To Manipulate Energy On The 3 Planes Of Existence For A Lifetime Of Health And Vitality – New Interview Up!


Greetings friends and angels I’m really excited because I’ve just wrapped up a new interview with none other than American Monk, Burt Goldman. If you remember, he posted an article on our blog just the other day on energizing water … Read More

Qigong Exercises For Ultimate Relaxation And Release of Tension

Qi Gong video

Greetings friends and angels I found this great video on YouTube just the other day on opening your energy gates using qigong exercises. These exercises can help you relax your mind and release all that unnecessary tension in your body. … Read More

The Power of Qigong Meditation

DJ, Energy Healing video

Greetings friends and angels I know many of you are very keen on learning more about qigong and I’ve recently been reading up even more about it so I can share more information with you I just came across this … Read More

The 4 Core Energy Pillars of Holistic Health


Greetings Friends and Angels I hope you don’t mind, but I really want to share with you my views on something. The state of world health seems to be heading into chaos. Diabetes, asthma, malnutrition are all on the rise. … Read More

Tachyon Healing And Its Benefits

Greetings friends and angels As some of you may already know, I am a certified tachyon healing practitioner. I noticed in the healing survey you did last year that some of you were interested in tachyon healing and I thought … Read More

Qigong Healing For Healthy, Amazing Longevity


Greetings friends and angels I’m a personal fan of qigong, and I often find that many people late in their years attribute their amazing health and longevity to qigong healing properties! This wonderful woman, Betty, seems to think so too. … Read More

Amazing Benefits of Qigong Healing

Greetings friends and angels I know you guys are very keen on learning qigong, so I thought this qigong healing article may interest you. If you didn’t already know, qigong is a marvelous healing modality for stress-related and cardiovascular diseases! … Read More

Making Your Learning Better With Our First Ever Energy Healing Survey :)

Greetings friends and angels Our healing journey has been wonderful so far and I am truly excited for what’s in store for our community. So far, we’ve had 4 interviews with some of the most amazing healers around… and I’ve … Read More

Tai Chi Energy Healing — The Supreme Ultimate Fist

Tai Chi in Scotland

Greetings friends and angels I know from my Asian friends that Tai Chi Quan is a common energy healing practice in many Asian countries! I’m not too sure if it’s as popular as Qigong or Reiki here at home. I … Read More

How To Boost Your Energy Healing Therapy Confidence

Screen shot 2010-12-09 at 11.01.47 AM

Greetings friends and angels I found this article and immediately thought of our healing community. I remember that many of you expressed interest in Judith’s healing modality and was wondering how you’re faring with it. A lot of us are … Read More

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