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Divine Activation – Energy Empowerment For Your Inner Feminine

energy empowerment

Suzanna Kennedy is a rock star teacher, guide and healer! Her work in the world is in service to our human evolution. And the way she serves is by helping women and men detoxify from old mental and emotional programming. … Read More

Are You A Human Angel? – Angels, Christ Consciousness And Earth’s Sacred Grid

angelic humans

Dear Healer’s Way Readers, I came across this beautiful video a few months ago, meaning to share it with all of you. I don’t know why it got lost in a pile of ‘drafts’, but I must trust in the … Read More

Did You Know? How Your Vibration Effects The World

vibrational healing

Did you know that for every thought and feeling you have, your heart and brain send out an electro-magnetic signal into the World? Once you really and truly ‘get’ this, then your next question will be: “What kinds of thoughts … Read More

An Alternate Me – How Quantum Jumping Changed My Life

energy medicine light body

As many of you know, I recently introduced you to Burt Goldman, the man behind an incredible personal growth tool called Quantum Jumping. Burt is one of our planet’s wise elders and, at 84 years, has mastered the ability to, … Read More

Ho’opono’pono – Hawaiian Healing For You & Earth

hawaiian healing

The turmoil of our planet and our species must end. There’s been too much suffering for too long now. It is time to heal. It is time for peace. The Ho’opono’pono is a simple yet mighty Hawaiian Healing method which … Read More

Signs Of Awakening – Cosmic Healing Is Spreading

cosmic healing

I came across this beautiful video called “Awakening Signs”. In it are a list of ‘symptoms’ you may be experiencing (or have already experienced) which indicate you are experiencing a cosmic healing – from the inside out. It’s a spiritual … Read More

Energy And Healing – Another Prayer For Japan

energy and healing

Dear Healer’s Way Readers, Now facing the added destruction of a second earthquake, our sisters and brothers of Japan really need energy and healing light – the energy medicine each of us can offer from wherever we are. The below … Read More