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Do You Know Your Soul’s Purpose? – Here’s Why You Want To Know NOW

Dear Healers Way community, I’ve created the below video just for you! No bells, no whistles, just me, speaking to you – about you – and the power you have within you that the world needs NOW. But I have to … Read More

Are You A Wounded Healer? – Healing Energy Comes From The Heart

healing energy

The astroid Chiron – and it’s mythic namesake – represents the ‘wounded healer’ archetype. His timely arrival into our awareness in 1977 hailed the era of healing energy for Planet Earth. This video brought me quickly to tears and I suspect … Read More

Blessed Are The Weirdos – Healers Healing The World

healers healing

Dear Healer’s Way Readers, In a response to one of our Facebook friends the other day, I wrote ‘blessed are the weirdos’. Our conversation triggered some deep thought for me which I’d like to share with you. This post isn’t … Read More

You Were Born To Heal – Light Workers Awaken!

born to heal

If you’re here then I know this for sure – you were born to heal. This is no ordinary time to be alive, and if you find yourself drawn beyond the confines of mainstream thought, then you’ve come to your … Read More