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Is This About Healing? – Cute Kitty Video

cute kitty

What does this video have to do with healing? Well, nothing and everything. You see, I love animals, and when I am really struggling to get my thoughts going in a positive direction, there’s one kind of thought that works … Read More

A Soothing Balm – 15 Healing Quotes To Share

15 healing quotes

“Time heals all wounds,” and “Laughter is the best medicine” are probably the 2 most well-known healing quotes. But throughout history and in all cultures, many great thinkers have spoken on the subject of healing – especially its connection to … Read More

It’s Love-O’clock – Choosing Love For Planetary Spiritual Healing

spiritual healing

With the recent quake and tsunami in Japan, and now a deeply dangerous reactor melt-down, our world has been permanently rocked. I’m afraid we cannot go back to innocence anymore dear sisters and brothers of Earth. Read More

The Healing Power Within You – Forgiveness

healing power forgiveness

The Healing Power of Forgiveness What does healing have to do with forgiveness? More than you might think. Let me Tell you a Story … About a year ago, I was given a gift. It wasn’t a thing, it wasn’t … Read More