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What’s Your Energy Level? – Raise Your Vibration With Christie Marie

“One person operating at the level of 500 [the level of the love vibration] can lift 750,000 others to the level of 200″ says Christie Marie Sheldon. What is this spiritual coach and energy healer talking about? She’s talking about … Read More

Release The Pain Of The Past – How To Heal With A New Story

heal with a new story

Dear Healer’s Way Readers, I just came across a beautiful video that I’d like to share with you. It’s about emotional healing more than anything else, and the message is quite clear: It’s not about what’s happened to you in … Read More

Trauma Healing – A Global Gift Of Prayers For Japan

trauma healing

Dear Healer’s Way readers, This video is really wonderful. With the intention of sending loving support to Japan, people from all over the world sent in haiku poems of hope as an act of alliance and trauma healing for our … Read More

A New Earth Rising – Healing Energy Work To Change History

healing energy work

Earth Changes? Yes. Intensified weather patterns? Yes. Doomsday 2012? Absolutely not! Why? Because the birth of so very many light workers have now brought about a massive change in humanity’s direction. We’ve initiated a ‘great awakening’ in the human heart, … Read More

Your Sacred Purpose – April Workshop With Dawn

workshop dawn

Dearest Healer’s Way Readers, I want to personally invite you to a very special event. At the end of April I’ll be leading a day-long workshop on spiritual healing and skill-building for living your life’s Sacred Purpose. If you’re ready … Read More

Healing And Your Heart Chakra – A Few Simple Exercizes

healing heart chakra

Hello dear Healer’s Way Readers, Today I want to give you a few simple tips – and a beautiful chant – to send you off for a heart-happy weekend! As you know, your heart chakra is the energy center connected … Read More