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Stress Got You Down? – My 3 Fav Stress-Busters

stress busters

Here are 3 simple things you can do to lower stress. News Flash from Planet Earth! – The acceleration of energies are triggering stress at an accelerated rate. Urgent intervention needed – even for the Healers. No joke, as Mother … Read More

Practical, Healing & Free – Interview With An Ayurvedic ‘Rock Star’

Practical Ayurveda

Dear Healer’s Way readers, A few weeks back I was down in Sedona Arizona, visiting with friends and exploring the alternative healing practices there. In my desire to find the best tools for all of us to live a more … Read More

Gratitude That Heals – Happy Thanksgiving from The Healer’s Way

Dearest Healer’s Way Readers, In honor of the American holiday, Thanksgiving, I thought I’d write to you today about something very dear to my heart – Gratitude. Gratitude isn’t just about feeling good. In truth, when done deeply and consistently, … Read More

Are You In Balance? – Cultivating Health In Autumn

Ayurvedic Health

Fall is the time of ‘Vata Dosha’ in Ayurvedic medicine. It refers to the mix of air & ether in the atmosphere & your body. Here’s some tips for keeping your Vata Dosha balanced this season. Read More

Healing Relationships – How To Celebrate Our Parents

parent-child healing

Like some of you who may be reading this, my relationship with mom and dad wasn’t always ideal. At times, it was even dismal … Read More

Spontaneous Healing – How Our Human Hearts Can Heal Us

spontaneous healing

Feelings, vibrations & our human hearts … when we change the way we FEEL, everything changes. I remind myself this every day – sometimes on a moment-by-moment basis. Science dovetails with ancient, sacred knowledge in this enlightening video about the … Read More

Drink Your Veggies! – Juicing For Health

juicing for health

Dear Healer’s Way Readers, I have a question for you … do you juice? I don’t mean do you drink processed fruit juices from a can, carton or bottle. I mean do you put live fruits and veggies into a … Read More

Your Money Or Your Life – Healing Abundance Wounds

healing abundance wounds

Dear Healer’s Way readers, I truly believe that living a life of abundance is key to our overall, human wholeness. After all, we are spiritual beings living in a physical world. When our ability to care for ourselves and our … Read More

Don’t Let The Lawn Nazi Get You! – Body Healing With Weeds

body healing

You know those “perfect” lawns you see around town? The ones with narry a weed upon them, their green, green grass all uniformed and tidy? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Well, since I was about 19 years old, I’ve … Read More

And The Winner Is … Healing Mantra Project Winner

healing mantra winner

Let me introduce you to Darrell Lee (a.k.a. “Dazzle Cat”). Her mantra, “Everything good flows to me effortlessly” garnered 27 ‘likes’ on Facebook to win the prize. Her choice? Silva Mind Body Healing. Yay Darrell! Darrell’s story and motive to … Read More

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