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Healing And Your Mind – Must-See Documentrary

healing mind

What does the quantum world have to tell us about the power of the mind to influence and heal? Well, a lot, actually. In this fascinating documentary, scientists, psychologists and doctors have a look at the implications of mind-over matter … Read More

Your Healing Visions – 2012 And Beyond

healing visions

As we stand at the edge of a new year, many are asking, is this the end of the world as we know it? Well, maybe yes, and maybe no. But here’s the thing: if in fact, the ‘world as … Read More

Is Someone You Love Suffering? – Compassion’s Power

Joan Halifax

“There’s a strength that arises from compassion,” says Hospice Caregiver, author, Zen Buddhist and visionary Joan Halifax. “Compassionate people experience the pain of others more deeply and yet, return to their own center more quickly.” Joan’s recent TEDTalk is a … Read More

How I Healed My Abundance Mindset – Interview With Dawn

What did my Soul Purpose and Marketing have to do with each other? A heck of a lot!! In fact, their intersection has been one of my biggest life healings. Why? Because I stopped being a victim of circumstance and … Read More

Mind-Body Healing Helpers – A Superb Visualization Tool

mind body healing helpers

Dear Healer’s Way readers, I want to share a video with you that I think you’ll find very powerful … Imagine being able to tap into the imaginary mind of anyone, either living or dead. And then use them as … Read More

Watching Your Words – How Language Can Heal Or Harm Your Body

watching your words

You have healing power within yourself – we all do. And it’s contained within your words. Russian scientists have been studying the connection between language and the body’s DNA, and what they’re finding is the same thing all the spiritual … Read More

Conscious Men Apologize – Humanity’s Healing Process Begins

healing process

Dear Healer’s Way Readers, It is my deepest belief that humanity’s healing process cannot succeed until there is a major healing between the genders. The toxic, violent and destructive system of male domination has been at the root of most … Read More

Healing Meditation For Japan – We Need Your Help

healing meditation Japan

Dear healers, meditators, light workers and good Samaritans, The Earth urgently need your help! Japan’s nuclear reactors have been damaged and this is a major danger for all of us. My dear friend forwarded me a simple meditation to let … Read More

The Man With The Golden Voice – Heal Your Energy And Change Your Life

man with the golden voice

Ted Williams’ story is spreading all around America, the internet and the world on the wings of  “a dream and a prayer”. Why is this ‘man with the golden voice’ so popular? Because his tale of healing and redemption touches our … Read More