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Body Healing And Healing Travel – The Rise Of Medical Tourism

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My son called me yesterday. He’s got a good job, loves his work and gets paid pretty well for his age. But like so many Americans, he doesn’t have health insurance. He and his fiancee recently went for a dental … Read More

Removing Energy Blockages With Karsai Nei Tsang

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I recently took a short holiday to Thailand to visit friends and connect with some of the healers and energy workers there. Although Thailand is know as a popular destination for beach-combers and lonely men on-the-make, this kingdom nation offers … Read More

Body Systems, Energy Questions – How To Find Healing Answers

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Your physical body relies on 9 major systems for wholeness and health. These systems operate continually, whether you’re awake, sleeping exercising, thinking, or doing nothing at all. They literally keep you going, and when one of them starts breaking down, … Read More