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Kill Your TV? – This Is Your Brain On Drugs

your brain on drugs

Call me opinionated, but from everything I’ve seen, read and experienced, television just might be the single worst drug you can ‘take’ for your brain. Why? Watch this and find out! How much TV do you watch a week? A … Read More

Warrior For The Planet – Just Say “No” to GMOs

no to gmos

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a warrior in the truest sense. Born in India in 1952, this environmental activist, philosopher and outspoken leader in getting the likes of Monsanto out of the entire sub-continent, When this woman speaks, people listen. In … Read More

What Keeps You Up? – The Importance Of Sleep


You’re getting sleeeeeeeeepy, so sleeeeeepy …. Do you have trouble sleeping sometimes? A lot? I went through a few years when this was a real issue for me. Oh, getting to sleep was no problem – it was that middle … Read More

The Lift As We Climb Paradigm – How To Live In Spiritual Abundance

spiritual abundance

Are you living your soul’s real purpose here on earth? Is your work and family life fulfilling, or are you ‘settling’ out of necessity? If the latter is true, what price are you paying in terms of your spiritual, mental … Read More

Impossible? Maybe Not – How To Live To 150

how to live to 150

I truly value the wisdom and guidance of my elders. In fact, there is no more powerful or effective path to wisdom than accumulating years & decades. But when aging means losing mobility, agility and strength, let’s face it, it … Read More

To Sleep Per Chance To Dream – How To Improve Your Sleep

improve sleep

Update from Dawn: since I wrote this, I’ve come across a much more informative series of vids on sleep & EMFs. So if sleep (or lack thereof) has you down, you’re going to LOVE these free videos with David Wolfe on … Read More

I’m Too Young For This! – 7 Signs Of Premature Aging

7 signs aging

Okay, I know I may seem like I’m harping on this, But I’ve been trying to get a ‘bead’ on exactly what ‘aging’ is – and more importantly – what it doesn’t need to be. So I’ve been scouring the … Read More

Meet My Trainer – How I Stay Fit In The High Rockies

meet my trainer

Today I’d like to introduce you to my Personal Trainer. I love working with Tim because he’s passionate about what he does and because I don’t have to have a goal of being “Ms. Super-Fit Bod” to work with him. … Read More

A Cheat Sheet To 4 Different Therapies And What They Offer


Dear friends and angels, If you think it’s about time to seek expert advice on personal issues you have been suffering from, one of the most important questions you have to ask yourself is this: What kind of therapy suits … Read More

The Easiest Way To Live Longer – According To This Research


Dear Friends and Angels, I’m not sure if you know this song once sung by Nat King Cole but it goes like this… “Smile though your heart is aching Smile even though it’s breaking When there are clouds in the … Read More

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