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Healing And Tarot Huh? – A Visit With The Archetypes

healing with archetypes

What does the tarot have to do with healing? Well, archetypally speaking, a lot! If you’re not familiar with the tarot, it’s an ancient card system of divination. In this day and age though, the cards are used more for … Read More

Rheumatoid Healing – Mindfulness Meditation For Arthritis

rheumatoid healing

Rheumatoid arthritis, meet your match! Well, sort of … If you or anyone you know suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, this article from the Huffington Post is well worth the read. We all know that meditation has numerous beneficial effects. But … Read More

Spiritual Healing – Enlightenment With The Wizard Of Oz

spiritual enlightenment

Did you watch the Wizard of Oz during the Christmas holidays as a kid? I did – every year. From early on when the flying monkeys scared me, right up until I was an ‘almost-too-cool-to-be-watching-this’ teen, I followed Dorothy, Toto … Read More

The Scents-ibility of Aromatherapy – It’s Not All About Smelling Good


Dear Friends and Angels, Scent has a wonderful effect on us. Ever notice whenever you smell something you like, you feel more at peace? Like taking a big whiff from your mug of coffee before your first sip. Or the … Read More

Returning To The Void With Too Much Love To Give


Greetings friends and angels, Today I was speaking with a young new good angel friend who was telling me the story of how she had an out of body experience. It was her first. She was at a nightclub and … Read More

Ayurveda – One Of The Most Relaxing Ways To Sooth The Body


Greetings friends and angels, Imagine the silky sensation of smooth warm oil all over your body as soft hands knead and rub you down. That’s what Ayurveda Panchakarma Oil Massage Therapy is all about. If you still don’t have a … Read More

Nature’s Wonders – One Found in Ibiza!


Greetings friends and Angels, After living in Ibiza for almost 5 years I got to meet many interesting and fascinating characters. John Hitchen was one such character who I met when he was the gardener and caretaker for a fantastic … Read More

ASK Byron Katie Your Most BURNING Healing Question!


Greetings friends and angels, I hope this finds you WONDERFUL! I am so excited because a couple of weeks ago I got to meet Byron Katie at a lecture/workshop she was hosting in Ojai. I asked her if I could … Read More

The 4 Core Energy Pillars of Holistic Health


Greetings Friends and Angels I hope you don’t mind, but I really want to share with you my views on something. The state of world health seems to be heading into chaos. Diabetes, asthma, malnutrition are all on the rise. … Read More

Your Core Energy Meditation Interview With Kevin Schoeninger :)


Greetings friends and angels First, thank you for all your beautiful comments on Kevin’s blog post last week I know you’ve been waiting for our next interview to come along — and it has! Kevin Schoeninger is a wonderful friend … Read More

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