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What’s On Your Spice Rack? – 5 Healing Kitchen Herbs

healing kitchen herbs

Did you know you’ve got powerful healers right in your kitchen? Today I want to talk about one of my favorite subjects – herbal healing! This is the time of year when my mind drifts to wildcrafting ‘weeds’ that heal, … Read More

Slippery-N-Slimy – Protect Yourself With Weeds From The Sea

weeds from the sea

Weeds from the sea? You ask. What do they have to do with protection? Quite a lot, actually. Yep, I’m talking about seaweed, my friends. And I want to tell you that it’s not just that underwater stuff for Nemo … Read More

Weed Lovers Unite! – Herbal Healing Tele-Event With Dawn

herbal healing

Attention all my herb-loving friends and readers! I hope you’ll join me on May 24th for “Reclaiming Your WiseWoman Wisdom: Natural Healing for You and Your Family”. I’ll be sharing a little of what I know about the power of … Read More

Nutritional Healing With A Sting – Meet My Good Friend Nettle :)

nutritional healing

Dear Healer’s Way readers, I’d like to introduce you to a very old and dear friend of mine. Her name is Nettles – Stinging Nettles (Latin: urtica urens), to be exact! The stinging nettle weed has a bad rap due … Read More

Turn To Mother Nature – Healthy Healing TeleSeminar With Dawn

healthy healing

If you’d like to learn more about herbs, healing and natural medicine, please join me for an hour of healthy healing talk, as we turn to Mother Nature for guidance. Read More

Skin Healing The Old Fashioned Way – The Power of Black Salve

skin healing

Have you ever heard of something called ‘black salve’? I want to tell you about my recent encounter with this delightful, dark goo and a personal experience of skin healing … As an herbalist, I’m keen to peruse the oils, … Read More

The Benefits Of Argan Oil – It Could Shut Down The Beauty Industry


Greetings Friends and Angels, I hope your enjoying the pictures from my trip. As it’s coming to a close, I must say it’s been just a brilliant and amazing trip. I really love Marrakech. But if you get here, you … Read More

Traditional Chinese Medicine DAY 5: Why You Need To Include These Chinese Herbs In Your Diet!


Greetings friends and angels, It’s already our 5th day on Traditional Chinese Medicine and I hope you have enjoyed learning as much as I enjoyed sharing with you! Now we are onto the good healthy  stuff – Chinese herbs! I’ve … Read More

Traditional Chinese Medicine DAY 4: Basic Principles of Chinese Herbs and Flavor


Greetings friends and angels, Today for our Traditional Chinese Medicine Week, I’m going to delve deeper into the world of Chinese herbalism The Chinese have been boiling, dipping, stewing and munching on herbs for thousands of years! No wonder the … Read More

Nature’s Wonders – One Found in Ibiza!


Greetings friends and Angels, After living in Ibiza for almost 5 years I got to meet many interesting and fascinating characters. John Hitchen was one such character who I met when he was the gardener and caretaker for a fantastic … Read More

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