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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Week Is Here! DAY 1: Things You Never Knew About Your Body


Greetings friends and angels! I was having a chat with some friends, and everyone was talking about how Traditional Chinese Medicine is REALLY catching up all over the world (partly thanks to their efficient migration) and so many of the … Read More

Healing Week Day 5: Qigong Master of The Year Shares Qigong Secrets of Everlasting Healing


Greetings friends and angels, Welcome to day 5 of our healing week! So far we’ve covered meditation, intention, distance healing and Barbara’s “ITM” Quantum Optimizations modality and taken a spin of your average Qigong practice by adding magnets…. so today, … Read More

The Healing Week Day 4: Qigong Master Peter Ragnar Reveals Little-Known Secrets That Have Made "Aging" An Obsolete Word!


Greetings friends and angels, Welcome to Day 4 of our Healing Week! Today, Peter Ragnar reveals to our healing community his little-known healing secrets AND how you can boost your energy practice dramatically just by adding a pair of magnets! … Read More

Qigong Exercises For Ultimate Relaxation And Release of Tension

Qi Gong video

Greetings friends and angels I found this great video on YouTube just the other day on opening your energy gates using qigong exercises. These exercises can help you relax your mind and release all that unnecessary tension in your body. … Read More

The Power of Qigong Meditation

DJ, Energy Healing video

Greetings friends and angels I know many of you are very keen on learning more about qigong and I’ve recently been reading up even more about it so I can share more information with you I just came across this … Read More

Qigong Healing For Healthy, Amazing Longevity


Greetings friends and angels I’m a personal fan of qigong, and I often find that many people late in their years attribute their amazing health and longevity to qigong healing properties! This wonderful woman, Betty, seems to think so too. … Read More

Amazing Benefits of Qigong Healing

Greetings friends and angels I know you guys are very keen on learning qigong, so I thought this qigong healing article may interest you. If you didn’t already know, qigong is a marvelous healing modality for stress-related and cardiovascular diseases! … Read More

Your Core Energy Meditation Interview With Kevin Schoeninger :)


Greetings friends and angels First, thank you for all your beautiful comments on Kevin’s blog post last week I know you’ve been waiting for our next interview to come along — and it has! Kevin Schoeninger is a wonderful friend … Read More

Core Energy Meditation: Secrets To LASTING Personal Transformation And Holistic Healing


Editor’s Note: Hello Angels! It’s Angelique. I hope you’ve all had a spectacular Holiday. I have a few videos and interviews up for you soon… but meanwhile, I invited my friend and meditative healer, Kevin Schoeninger to share with you … Read More

"Construct-H" Explained: Eating Healthy Will NOT Necessarily Bring You Great Health, Here’s Why…


Greetings friends and angels THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart for that amazing response to my cooking video! I’ve received lots of comments and TONS of emails. Better still, I have more free stuff for you … Read More

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