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Protected: Healing Week Day 6: Judith Conroy Shares With Us How YOU Can Become A Spiritual Leader, Not Follower


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Celestial Reiki: A Spiritual Experience That Transcends The Physical Realm


Greetings friends and angels I found this amazing article about a form of reiki — celestial reiki. I’m trying to look up more information about it, but I thought I’d share it with our healing community first. I think it’s … Read More

Using Reiki Healing As A Complementary Treatment For Breast Cancer


Greetings friends and angels, While doing some research on how Reiki healing can be used as a complementary therapy for cancer, I came accross this amazing story of courage, hope and success! I am sure all of you will get … Read More

Can Reiki Complement Cancer Treatements?

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Greetings friends and angels, This morning I came across this article about a cancer patient who used Reiki as a complementary therapy.The results sound incredible. Do have a look and let me know what you think Reiki As A Complement … Read More

The Reiki Generational Healing Technique


Greetings friends and angels, Did you know that Reiki can help you understand your roots and discover the deepest relationship with your ancestors? I would love to share this article with you and know what you think. I found it … Read More

How To Boost Your Energy Healing Therapy Confidence

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Greetings friends and angels I found this article and immediately thought of our healing community. I remember that many of you expressed interest in Judith’s healing modality and was wondering how you’re faring with it. A lot of us are … Read More

Your Interview With Reiki Master Judith Conroy Is HERE!


Greetings friends and angels Do you remember Judith? She recently contributed an empowering article right here on the Healers Way on Chikara-Reiki-Do that you all responded so well to! And a few weeks before that, I requested your help in … Read More

Chikara-Reiki-Do: How YOU Can Easily Heal and Become a Spiritual Leader (NOT a Spiritual Follower)

Enjoying the sun

Editor’s Note: Greetings Angels! Angelique here. If you remember, a few weeks ago, I asked you for your most burning Reiki question for  my friend and amazing Reiki healer,  Judith Conroy. I know this interview has been long-awaited… and it … Read More

The Family And Reiki


Greetings friends and angels This weekend a close friend of mine was really down after a big argument with her boyfriend in relation to her Reiki skills and practicing. She was crying to me, “He is so skeptical! He just … Read More

Reiki For Your Pets


Greetings friends and angels Although Reiki is beneficial primarily for humans, it has qualities that make it an ideal complementary therapy for animals. Our animal companions bring so much to our lives. Their joy of living is an example to … Read More

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