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Mind Body Healing – Tai Chi Eases Depression In Elders

mind body healing

When I lived in Bangkok, Thailand, I used to love to go to the city’s central park (called Lumphini Park) just before dawn. Why? Because hundreds – maybe even a thousand or more – elders would gather there each and … Read More

Tai Chi Energy Healing — The Supreme Ultimate Fist

Tai Chi in Scotland

Greetings friends and angels I know from my Asian friends that Tai Chi Quan is a common energy healing practice in many Asian countries! I’m not too sure if it’s as popular as Qigong or Reiki here at home. I … Read More

Tai Chi And Its Healing Benefits


Tai Chi is more than meets the eye when it comes to healing.  There’s a reason why it’s been in practice for centuries and it’s a very good reason too. It’s history is deep-rooted and it actually began as a … Read More

Healing Power of Tai Chi on Diabetes

Once again, alternative methods of healing are being discovered by the West.  Research published in Science Daily proved that Tai Chi does in fact help alleviate some of the conditions of Type 2 diabetes. This ancient form of exercise reduces … Read More