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Yoga Week At The Healer’s Way – Transformational Yoga

Transformational Yoga healing

When she developed severe asthma after the birth of her child, Meta Hirschl began a healing journey that totally changed her life. This one-time corporate success story is now the author of the book, Vital Yoga: A Sourcebook for Students and … Read More

Yoga Week At The Healer’s Way – Kundalini/Iyengar Yoga

Kundalini Iyengar yoga healing

Founder of the wildly successful Flagstaff Yoga Festival (FYF) and a close personal friend, Laura Brown is a dynamo of a woman. But when it comes to her teaching style, she describes what she does as perhaps the most mellow … Read More

Yoga Week At The Healer’s Way – HypnoRestorative Yoga

HypnoRestorative Yoga

Aminda Courtwright is the Founder of ArCreated Wellness, where she and her husband Carl partner to help people attain holistic wellness through energy work, hypnotherapy, nutrition counseling, Reiki and yoga. Aminda developed her own, signature styles of yoga called HypnoRestorative … Read More

Yoga Week At The Healer’s Way – Yaapana Yoga

Yaapana Yoga Healing

“Don’t just Do Something, Stand There!” This is what’s written on a t-shirt a yogi friend of mine gave me, and it seems apropos for introducing today’s yoga teacher, Jules Mitchell … ‘Being’ versus ‘Doing’ (and “Being Poses”) is one … Read More

Yoga Week At The Healer’s Way – Bikram “Hot” Yoga

Bikram yoga healing

Dear Healer’s Way reader’s, Meet Lies Sol. Lies is a newly certified Bikram yoga teacher. If you’ve been hearing about this ‘hot’ yoga and want to know what it’s all about, check out this 10 minute vid. Bikram yoga is … Read More

Yoga Week At The Healer’s Way – Welcome!

yoga week healers

Dearest Healer’s Way Readers, Happy Holidays & Welcome to Yoga Week at the Healer’s Way! This may be humble but it is most sincere – this week is my little holiday gift to you And whether you’re ‘into’ yoga or … Read More

Yoga And Healing – A Few Questions For You

healing with yoga

Dear Healer’s Way Readers, I’ve got some questions for you today and I’m hoping you’ll help. I’d like to know who is doing yoga, what kind, and if you’ve experienced any structural challenges, injuries or problems related to your yoga … Read More

Active Aging – Yoga, Laughter & Seniors

active aging

I am really blessed to still have both my parents around. My dad is now 80 years old, and my mom several years younger. A few years back, their insurance began covering their membership at a local gym. The took … Read More

10 Facial Yoga Exercises. I Dare You To Do This In Your Office :)

facial yoga

Dear friends and angles, A few weeks ago, I posted an article on office-friendly yoga chair exercises. Today, it’s about the face and it looks real fun! Practice this in the office or in public is you dare Also…if you’re … Read More

Stretching It At 92 Years Old – Tao Porchon-Lynch Gives Yoga A New Meaning


Dear friends and angels, Here’s a hero I would love to meet. Tao Porchon Lynch is 92 years old and still giving her 100% on the yoga mat. Here’s her story… … Yoga Hero: At Almost 92-Years-Old, Tao Porchon-Lynch Will … Read More

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