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Los Angeles’s Yoga Master Gets off The Mat To Share Her Yogalosophy

Mandy Ingber

Dear friends and angels, Yogalosophy…I just love how that word rolls on my tongue! Yoga master, Mandy Ingber, talks about her philosophy on yoga, the issue of weight loss, why we should eliminate negative and dysfunctional thoughts about our body, … Read More

Stiff Neck And Aching Shoulders? Here Are 8 Office Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk!


Dear Friends and Angels, The problem with working from a desk is that we often suffer from stiff neck and shoulders and poor posture problems. So if you are currently reading this post from your office desk, here’s what I … Read More

Yoga For Weightloss and Self Healing


Greetings friends and angels, Yoga is a big part of my life and I cannot go by a day without doing yoga. It is one of the best practices that I would attribute to looking younger than I actually am. … Read More

Laughter Yoga Has Us Laughing Around The World


Greetings friends and angels, A while back I shared with you this amazing practice called laughter yoga, and just last week I realized that it was also covered by the Chicago Tribune. This practice of combining laughter and yoga is … Read More

Yoga Benefits For Your Mind, Body & Spirit


Greetings friends and angels I’m a huge fan of yoga and completely trust in its abundant benefits for our body — and now I can say that all these benefits are scientifically proven. Take a look at this article Yoga: … Read More

Acro Yoga With Rudolfo Young :)

Acro Yoga

Greetings Friends and Angels I have something a little different for you today. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Rodolfo Young, a healing practitioner. He has quite a story and has been working on his own unique modality for … Read More

Laughter, The Best Medicine

Laughing, the best medicine

Greetings friends and angels, I came across this amazing practice on the Internet over the weekend called laughter yoga. I’ve never seen laughter infused with yoga or used for healing in this way ever, so this is really enlightening for … Read More

Yoga And Its Healing Benefits


Greetings friends and angels, The reach of energy healing is amazingly broad… and there are so many different teachings of healing with energy! One very popular method of healing with energy focuses on the enhancement of the mind-body connection – … Read More

4 Healing Yoga Poses

Woman meditating by a mountain

Bad sleep? Throbbing Headache? Then try out these 4 yoga poses that will heal your aches,pains, and insomnia for a more relaxed body and refreshed mind. Yoga has been known to help many things, improve the body, and cleanse the … Read More

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