Navigating Your Higher Energies – Chakras 8-12 With Carol Tuttle

chakras 8 12 Navigating Your Higher Energies   Chakras 8 12 With Carol Tuttle

There are chakras beyond the body that are now being activated. Learning to work with them will help you navigate the planetary shift.

As I shared in one of last week’s posts, I recently attended a very transformative event with Chakra Healing Master Carol Tuttle. Now, I’ve been working with my chakras for a very long time, and had phenomenally transformative results working with Carol’s program, Chakra7. So why the excitement about this recent event? Because, like Carol herself, it was totally cutting edge!

Beyond your Body

As it turns out, during this planetary juncture known as ‘2012’, we humans are going through a massive energy shift. An ‘awakening,’ if you will. And a part of this shift is the emerging awareness of the chakras that exist beyond your physical body. These are Chakras 8-12, and working with them will assist you in becoming the Galactic Being, the Whole/Holy YOU, that is much more than your physical form.

The ‘Land’ of the Beyond-Body Chakras

According to Carol, Chakras 8-12 aren’t like 1-7, in that they are not a linear progression. (you don’t need to work with 8 first, then 9, then 10, etc). Also, they don’t have particular colors associated with them, and they’re not ‘stacked’ one above the other.

She describes them as a bit like ‘Lands’, and uses the analogy of DisneyLand’s various ‘lands’ as a way to understand them. Each of these chakra lands, like their 1-7 siblings, is connected with a specific set of energies. Working with these energies allows you to get in touch with cosmic forces, angelic realms, your Soul Purpose and the I AM presence/God connection.

A Transformative Experience

To say that opening to and working with these chakras has been transformative in my life would be an understatement. With Carol’s wise and grounded guidance, I feel as if I have finally accessed the part of me that has no fear, worry or anxiety about my life, my body or my future. No kidding.

This is for You, too!

If you’re eager to connect with your higher chakras and experience the power and peace that comes with this awakening, then I’ve got great news for you! Carol is creating a program that will cover all the chakras (Foot – 12). It will take a bit of time, but rest assured, when it’s ready, I’ll be one of the first folks spreading the word!

In the mean time though, you’re probably eager to know a bit about these chakra ‘lands’ beyond the body. So to get your energy moving this way, here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll get to explore in-depth with Carol in the months ahead …

Chakra 8

– The Land of your Spirit Guides, Angelic Realms and Divine Grace.

Chakra 9

– The Land where your Spiritual Contracts are housed.

Chakra 10

– The Portal to other Realms.

Chakra 11

– The Place where you connect consciously with your Soul Purpose.

Chakra 12

– The location of your I Am presence and your God connection.

Have you ever had any awareness of your higher chakras? What did you experience and how has it effected your life? Please share your experience with us in the comments below.

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