Kundalini Rising – How To Enhance Your Sexuality With Crystals And Gemstones

Screen shot 2011 08 21 at 1.45.12 PM Kundalini Rising   How To Enhance Your Sexuality With Crystals And GemstonesDear Healer’s Way readers,

I found a lovely email in my inbox this morning from one of the sites I subscribe to. In it was a link to an article about how to use crystals and gemstones to enhance your sexuality. Yep – rocks as aphrodesiacs. If you’re not familiar with crystal healing or the body’s chakra system, this may sound a bit odd, but once you look at it through your “everything is vibrational energy” lenses, you’ll see what I mean 🙂 This short piece by MiaRose is from the SpiritualNetworks site. It offers some tips on how to use the stones, and what kind of aphrodesiac qualities different stones have.

Crystal Aphrodesiacs

by MiaRose

My love of crystals has led me to the discovery that crystals are powerful aphrodisiacs with the power to activate the subtle sexual centres in the body. When the base and sacral chakras are stimulated, erotic energy is highly charged, inhibitions are removed, and love is given and exchanged freely.

One way to enhance your sex life with crystals is for you and your lover to place stones on each other as part of foreplay or to gently rub rounded tumbled stones between your bodies during lovemaking. Alternatively, chuck a few aphrodisiac crystals around your bedroom and under your pillow for an irresistible aura of love.

Here are a few of the best crystal aphrodisiacs:

  • Pink Tourmaline is a beautiful stone that stimulates libido and encourages you to share physical pleasure with your lover.
  • Red Jasper stimulates your sex drive and prolongs sexual pleasure. It also energizes and cleanses the sex organs.
  • Orange Carnelian is a recharging crystal with the power to energize creative centres, overcome impotence, and restore vitality to the female sexual organs.
  • Smoky Quartz helps to heal hang-up about sexual matters, enhances virility, and cleanses the sexual centres so that your passion flows freely.
  • Rose Quartz opens your heart centre, and restores love and trust between you and your lover. It is also believed to increase fertility.

I personally haven’t worked with crystals in this way. Mostly I use them for meditation and during energy healing work. But I’d love to know if you’ve experimented – or if this info “arouses” your interest to do so 🙂 Please share your thoughts with me in the comments below.

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