Using Crystals for Healing – A Quick Guide for Any Energy Healer

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How many of you use crystals for healing? I was looking around and I saw this interesting guide from Associated Content on how to perform quick crystal healings, regardless of where you are! So for those of you who use crystals for healing, this may give you a boost up in your healing journey icon smile Using Crystals for Healing   A Quick Guide for Any Energy Healer

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A Quick Guide to Using Crystals for Healing

by Bonnie Doss-Knight, Associated Content

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You can perform a quick crystal healing wherever you are. By holding a crystal in your hand, it acts as a conduit to connect its energy and your energy with Universal Healing Energy. Even taking a brief pause to admire a crystal for its beauty will lighten your mood on a hectic day.

Crystal energy is not “New Age” nonsense. It is old age. Crystals were used in ancient civilizations as their power source. Even now, crystals are used in radios, computers and other electronic instruments. In order to start crystal energy flowing, it is only necessary to acknowledge the possibility that you can receive life energy from your chosen crystal.

How to Select Crystals for Healing

I prefer to use the single-point, colorless quartz for quick healing purposes. Crystals may be purchased at your local mineral shop, some flea markets or antique stores. I wouldn’t suggest ordering a healing crystal via the Internet, as it’s imperative to “connect” with your chosen crystal.

250081 3407 Using Crystals for Healing   A Quick Guide for Any Energy HealerIn addition to single-point, crystals form in clusters, double terminated points and chunks. You will also find colored quartz, which is formed from mineral traces. Purple or amethyst contains traces of iron; rose or pink crystals are created with traces of manganese or titanium; smoky crystals contain various minerals. Whatever their size or shape, all contain an energy pattern unique to the particular crystal.

Size isn’t critical, but my favorite quick healing crystal is approximately 1½ inches in length. I have small hands and it fits nicely in my fisted hand. Try holding several sizes, shapes and colors in either hand until one “speaks” to you. Hold the crystal point towards your head, so that you and your crystal can synchronize energies.

I can’t precisely describe how you and your crystal will connect, but I can assure you that you will. Some people feel pleasant warmth spreading throughout their body, while others experience a peaceful feeling. Take your time and choose your crystal with loving care.

Crystal Energy Connects Your Energy with Universal Energy

Note: All the crystals I work with were gifted to me and blessed for my use, by my Psychic Mentor, who taught me how to use crystals for healing. Since you may not have that luxury, I suggested places to purchase your healing crystal.

Spend time getting to know your healing crystal. Hold it in your fisted hand and, in general, imagine oneness between you and it. Hold the crystal up to sunlight and enjoy the beautiful colors reflect through it.

When you are ready, proceed.

How to Perform a Quick Crystal Healing
  1. Hold your healing crystal in a fisted hand a few moments and let the crystal’s energy “turn on”.
  2. Begin to creatively visualize crystal energy pouring over the part of your physical body that requires attention.
  3. Imagine Universal Energy flowing throughout your physical body.
  4. Be silent and open your awareness for further healing guidance.
  5. Remove the crystal from your fisted hand and sit a few minutes until you feel ready to rejoin the present.
Potential Discomfort from a Quick Crystal Healing

When crystal energy connects your energy with Universal Energy, expect a powerful final result. However, until you build up tolerance to these unfamiliar energies, side effects may be experienced. If the following potential side effects cause too much discomfort, discontinue the healing session and try again later.

  1. Queasiness in stomach – this signifies the energies are too powerful to handle until you are more experienced. Wait about a week and try again.
  2. Numbness in extremities – the energy flowing from your healing crystal to you is vibrating at a rate you cannot accept yet. Stop your session and the numbness will subside.
  3. Headache in center of forehead – crystal energy is over-stimulating your mind’s intuitive center. Again, stop the healing and try a couple of days later.

In this article, we have barely tapped the potentialities of crystal work by performing a quick crystal healing. But for now, it is enough to realize that when crystal energy connects your energy with Universal Energy, the miraculous can happen!

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    I’ve always been drawn to crystals. I grew up in Arkansas where crystals could often be found in our yard. Just published a chapter book for children “Tree Top Angels”. I think that I have brought out the beauty and the healing of crystals in my book. Carolyn Sollano