The "Pop Zeitgeist" Secret to Healing and Anti-Aging

As I sit reflecting upon this magical journey that led me here to now… practicing the now, being, and being full of gratitude, I realize that my whole life, has been about this practice… the practice I have always called The Way, that coincidentally or cosmically, led right here to The Healers Way.

meditate jungle The "Pop Zeitgeist" Secret to Healing and Anti Aging

It was actually brought to me organically and without any preconceived notions.

It was Vishen’s idea, but now with the help of everyone at FinerMinds, I hope you will enjoy, and help co-create together this work in progress into something wonderful for all of us.

The Tipping Point

I believe like morphic resonance, and metaphorically like the Hundreth Monkey theory, we have reached the tipping point. So maybe, it’s not surprising that I unexpectedly find myself today starting this “blogology” about what I think my secret to anti-aging is, since so many people ask me about it.

It’s one of my greatest anecdotes about the power of the law of attraction.

You see, while the word God for me, means all, divine, the universe, nature, you, me, we, us… for me, the Law of Attraction, is a pop zeitgeist catch phrase.

And people like Da Vinci, Einstein, Tesla, Yogananda Paramanhansa and Jesus all were pretty keen on it. For me, if this company of geniuses had a common secret philosophical thread, this was the kind of company I wished to keep.

But, it’s not just about that. It’s not about an aspect detached from all else. It’s about a process, a daily process.

The Daily Process

Each day, I try to meditate at least 20 minutes a day, if not longer and mostly twice. Once in the morning facing East, and once at sunset facing West.

Besides balanced nutrition, exercise and yoga, I believe meditation is one of the primary essential keys to wellness. Hence, a great tool for healing, and good health. It’s been scientifically proven to boost your immune system too.

Truth be told, I just had my sunset meditation.

sunset view The "Pop Zeitgeist" Secret to Healing and Anti Aging

The after glow is really strong today. The colors of the dark blend shadows, leaving trails of silhouettes where the light is gone. The orange intensity, the yellow faded, and a few bright to dark hues of blue, made it so powerful it seemed all my senses were heightened.

Today was a beautiful day.

I think a big part of wellness is your intention. I try to practice positivity and gratitude, not only on a daily basis, but from moment to moment as I think of it.

To me sharing a sunset, is better than most things going on. I believe if we all spent just 20 minutes a day at sunset meditating or doing a positivity intention practice, like remote viewing, we would see the most remarkable view.

I think collective gratitude, could be the new drug of choice and journey to whole-ness. What do you think though? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

For instance, in my car is Lynne McTaggarts amazing audio book Living The Field. Everywhere it seems, I am finding more and more like-minded people joining together sharing the new consciousness. Lynne is someone we are going to be speaking to here.

I am really looking forward to introducing you to her if you don’t already know her work.

If We Share, We Empower

I have studied many different ideologies, read many books and will share what I’ve learned as well as look forward to hearing from you.

I will happily share my reading lists, start a book club here in the near future, very soon bring you interviews with amazing healers, and look forward to hearing feedback and your recommendations.

If you know of any great healers, or ways of wellness, please tell me about them in the comments section. If we share, we empower.

The point?

To get us to plug in and upgrade to the collective point where we are only well. Where we abolish the old “ways of thought” and co-create a balance, harmony and flow, in the positive frequency. I like to call it the Angel Frequency where music, silence, and breath tune us into higher consciousness. Once we raise the consciousness level, there will only be The Way and no more need for The Healers Way.

But, back to the whole aging thing.

How I Slowed Down My Aging

You see, when I was a teen I read Autobiography of a Yogi. I had begun “lying” about my age from a very young age. I was already going to clubs when I was very young and saying I was older. And since I hadn’t had any trouble going out, it was easy to believe that age was just a number.

Somewhere in my early teens I remembered Yogananda stating in his book that you shouldn’t tell people your age. At some point I decided to do that. I decided to stop saying my age.

People were too curious though, and would always try to guess, or get it out of me. So, I finally chose one age, and stated that for the next 11 years. No one ever doubted me, and my friends all supported me in it. It became an accepted reality.

When I moved to Ibiza the story of my life was becoming too difficult to recount. Certain facts were becoming too ridiculous. Like being one of the first female rappers in Los Angeles rapping with Ice T and Hollywatts.

Whatever the math was, going to clubs in 1983 was completely not plausible. I wouldn’t even have been born yet, and highly doubtful I would have gotten into any clubs.

But, it didn’t matter.

It’s as if the universe was my guardian angel, I felt I got all I needed placed before me or channeled to me. It wasn’t that I was even worried. I was just letting the story unfold, in the same way the amazing story of Susan Boyle unfolded and swept the internet, and then the whole world.

I truly love it when I see people believing and achieving. Her story has moved a lot of people.

Plus, if you are here, you are probably familiar with Helene Hadsell, The Winning Sage. I love Helene’s acronym S.P.E.C

  • Select it
  • Project it
  • Expect it, and
  • Collect it.

Like Helene Hadsell’s tool, more and more are these stories coming out to help support the Law of Attraction zeitgeist. So, while I hope to inspire you, to upgrape your mind, body and soul, I look to others to inspire us here too.

I suppose the truth is out there however old I am, but since I had the great priviledge to not age, (S.P.E.C!), I think I am just going to continue with the exercise. So, please don’t ask me how old I am, just believe with me that I will live forever. Just like I believe you will too.

But today, for now, in the midst of this beautiful moment, I’d love to hear from you about your daily process for being present in the moment.

  • How many times a week or day do you practice meditation?
  • What type of meditation do you practice?
  • Where were you before you began the journey that brought you here to your current state of better spiritual well-being?
  • What’s your favorite book on spirituality and meditation?
  • Do you use meditation for the purpose of healing? If yes, how?

Share with me your questions if you have any.

And of course, don’t forget to sign up above, at the top right box, to receive notifications on the exciting interviews I’ll be conducting with some really amazing healers very soon.

All Love and Eternal Gratitude,

Facebook comments:

  • Melinda M. Sorensson

    Thank you for sharing this, Angelique.

    warmest regards,
    Melinda M.Sorensson

  • Mom Luang Rajadarasri Jayankura

    The original pure nature, or the Body of Enlightment, is a natural state that we can attain when we meditate. The true happiness that we seek is concentrated in the state of pure nature, the inner body that all humanity possesses. It is the origin of happiness, purity and wisdom. It is the centre of all virtues and the source of prosperity of all that is good.

  • Anya

    To answer your questions :

    I meditate once a day sometimes twice- for an hour.

    I practice remove influencing by Gerald O’Donnell.

    I had to completly “unplug” myself from the busy life, stoped working doe to stress and knew I had to start all over, just didn’t knew how or what that meant.

    I don’t have a favorite book.

    I use meditation for healing-and really hope I’ll get some restults. Have a cronic disease and it’s takeing over my life.

  • Leila

    This is a great article – I love the way you just stopped telling people your age and stayed the same age for some years. I have accidentally added a year or taken one off a few times and I always enjoyed it. I am practising being vague about it to myself and others at the moment as I am sure the thought of ageing does more damage than anything else.

  • Carmela

    Thank you for writing this, Angelique. I started meditation when I learnt Theta Healing. It made me realise so many things. It was part of a long journey for me from 21st century ideas, life and (ill) health to my simpler, happier, healthier and more ‘aware’life now. Many things led to other things, like a ball on a ping pong table. I am also learning remote viewing and influencing and love Gerald O’Donnell’s course. Carmela

  • ingrid

    I just got back from Bikram Yoga. That is my meditation. My mind feels peaceful. That is the kind of state I always want for myself and others. I love Carolyn Myss’s book Anatomy of the spirit. I am now listening to books on tape: Living with grace by Carolyn Myss.
    Thank you for sharing,

  • Suze

    Angelique, thank you for sharing with us. I also feel we’ve reached the tipping point.

    I meditate daily, for about 20 minutes. Some days twice, some days get missed. I see the real benefit of sitting now, in that my days flow better and I feel connected. A day of not meditating feels less than great, so I do what makes me feel good.

    I practice various types of meditation. Experimenting, going with the flow.

    What brought me here was a desire to understand why seemingly rotten things happened in my life. I searched until I understood.

    I don’t have one favorite book, I have many! Some authors I enjoy are Caroline Myss, Sonia Choquette, Stuart Wilde. But I read whatever resonates. I read lots of blogs.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you, connecting with others.

  • Susie Heath

    How wonderful to meet a like-minded woman. I have a book “The Essence of Womanhood – re-awakening the authentic feminine” which is a mine of wisdom for removing the stresses and mind-habits that cause ageing and dis-ease. I dance and do relaxations daily, and am out in nature as much as possible.
    Thank you for your beautiful words.

    • angelique

      Nature is so important! I lived in Ibiza for four years to live in a forest, over looking the sea and sunset. We must revere nature as more important then anything else! I believe nature reflects all our truths. Everything works perfectly!
      Thank you sister.
      All love and eternal gratitude-

  • Bonnie

    Thank you so much for your wonderful insights – and yes, age is just a number. I was age-less for some years, then I was in the “life”, which wore me down and put some aging in my skin and body, so now I declared this is the time/year of getting back to basics and taking care of “me” – then I can do better with others I am in charge of.

  • Alba

    Thank you Angelique for sharing such exciting information. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best Wishes.

  • Nancy

    I am an infant in the spiritual quest. Like amany I am a seeker of spiritual knowledge. I believe the time has come for love to take over.

    • angelique

      Welcome sister!

  • Rosália Kogan

    Thanks for sharing Angelique.
    I practice Yôga as well and I have progressed lots since I started.
    To answer your questions:
    I practice meditation every day, once or twice a day. Most of times during Yôga classes.

    During the meditation excercise we try to stop our thoughts in order to let our intuition flow. The most common techniques are to concentrate on either a single image or a sound. You concentrate on only that one thing and ignore all the thoughts that come across your mind. I haven’t stopped my mind completely yet but by using this method I can easily see my constant progress. In the beggining my mind wouldn’t stop thinking all kinds of thoughts, desperate to stop the exercise. Now it’s been quieter, like thinking a little lower and less every time, as if it were becoming tamed. Our minds behave like spoiled children, we have to educate them.
    It really works as anti-aging. All the Yôga instructors that I know look so much younger and have the greatest bodies. All comes from meditation combined with all the other parts of the daily practice.

    Other exercise I like very much is to get isolated at 20:50 until 21:10 (it’s always this time, doesn’t matter the time zone), for ten minutes, 20:50 to 21:00 I concentrate on the image of my Yôga Master (you can also concentrate on the image you have as your guardian angel if you don’t have a Master) and I send to him green lights all around his body, meaning wishes of good health. For the next ten minutes I see the image of him putting a golden pearl on my hands and I send it to my deepest desire.

    Before I began this journey I was an afraid person, afraid of being alone, always sad for all the things I didn’t have. Now I have better control of my mind and the power to send all the bad feeling away. Everytime I feel bad I instantly think of all the good things I have, how fortunate I am and this greatest felling of gratitude make all bad things vanish.

    My favourite book is Tratado de Yôga by Mestre DeRose. I don’t know the name in english but you can check that on the website That is the most complete book on ancient Yôga and it has a great chapter on meditation. This chapter can be integrally downloaded from that website, free of charge.

    I don’t use meditation for the purpose of healing because I’m not sick. I use it in order to develop myself and reach higher states of self-knowledge.

    Best Regards

    • angelique

      Thanks Rosalia for stopping by and sharing this information.
      All love and eternal gratitude-

  • Sasha

    Thank you and bless you for your site. I found reading your words encouraging.

  • Nantahala

    Hello Sister! It’s so great to find you here! :) Thank you for reaching out! I recognize me in you. We are whoever, wherever, whenever we choose to be. We’re all that and more. Congratulations on your site and in staying true to what’s real, dismissing the illusions.
    Much love,
    Angel, Oracle, Visionary Child of All That Is

    • angelique

      G R A T I T U D E
      L O V E

  • Lasha

    Thank-you for your presence. I meditate daily (now with the holsync CD’s), or I chant in the morning/evening, and just create moments of stillness/awareness throughout my day. I do create/project intentions (sometimes consciously) in my meditations. I just reread The eight human talents which is sooo heartfelt fantastic and yes I also loved Lynes ‘The intention experiment’. There’s so many… I also read Autobiograghy of a yogi many yrs ago and loved it so much I took notes. It’s such a long book…I’m really curious where did he say to not mention your age? I’ve been doing that also with alot of success. After university I lived out of a back pack around the world for 7 years and so have always been on this intense spiritual journey home. Though we know we never had to leave(metaphorically), we enjoy the journey. What a trip!

    • angelique

      Hey Lasha, Thanks so much for stopping by! You know, I read that book probably over 20 years ago. If anyone wants to revisit it and post the passage that would be great!
      All love and eternal gratitude-

  • Jon

    thank you! i too have just joined the blogosphere…sharing is caring. i live more and more each day in heartcoherence. i remind myself everyday, throughout the day that i am love, and so is everything/one else. i also journal, have daily action lists, breath stretch and love exercising. we are the answer. simple healing way. your words are beautiful.

  • Purusha

    Beautiful You are Angelique!!!
    Feels like that a Go(o)d personal relationship with the SUN is a Go(o)d idea. I have just gotten myself a SunMurti (a 140mm calcite ball that i worship and shower together with every day.
    This meditation blows my mind and body continually with LoveFire. Ps. Thomas Ashley Farrand is worth checking out (mantra meditations)


  • Stan Pontiere

    Meditation is the key to universal knowing but we must take care-release all attachments. Many meditate to seek enlightenment. This only creates struggle and pain. Meditate to calm the mind. It was only when the Buddha gave up his quest for enlightenment that he found what he had been seeking. Meditation has many wonderful effects but it should never be allowed to create struggle or pain.

  • Ann Taylor

    Hi Angelique

    My name is Ann Taylor and I have an amazing healing practice. God blessed me with truly a remarkable gift. I recently made a meditation recording that empowers people to go into the silence.
    It’s puts them in the alpha brain wave state, puts them in the now
    and stop their thoughts both in their conscious and subconscious
    mind. I did this so that people can be meditating like someone who’s been doing it for years.

    Let me know if you’d like a copy of the meditation and I’d be happy to give it to you.

    Thanks you for sharing. I too am a fan of Paramahansa Yogananda.

    Love and blessings,

    Ann Taylor

    • angelique

      Hi Ann,
      Thank you so much for stopping by. I would love a copy of your meditation. For those who don’t know a lot about meditation I would like to share this;
      Brainwaves and state of consciousness

      Our brain pulses and vibrates like everything in this Universe. The brain pulse is measured like sound in cycles per second or Hertz. The machine used to make the measure is called an ElectroEncephaloGraph (EEG). While this machine has its limitation, we can still use it to categorize brain activity with more or less accuracy. In the future, scientist will certainly come up with a more precise technology.

      Brainwaves are categorized in 4 categories : Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.
      Beta (13- 40 cycles per second)
      Beta is associated with our waking activity. During a day we experience all the brainwave patterns with a predominance of Beta.
      Alpha (8-13 cycles per second)
      The first pattern discovered in 1908 by an Austrian Psychiatrist named Hans Berger. Alpha pattern appears when in wakefulness where there is a relaxed and effortless alertness. Light meditation and day dreaming. It is recommend to practice your creative visualization and auto-suggestion technique in alpha state.

      Theta (4-7 cycles per second)
      Associated with creativity, dreams and Extra-sensory perception for the student the theta state is something to learn to go at will. They are countless ways to reach theta , so I will not talk about that. Theta is simply the state where your ESP can operates , if you do the proper work you can learn to enter theta at will and perform most of the psychic activities. Now, we use the EEG to measure the thing. The EEG has limitation specially I can tell you for example to go in theta to perform consciousness travel in the past centuries to meet with the consciousness of a Leonardo DaVinci. The EEG cannot measure this and this feat occur certainly somewhere beyond Delta.

      Delta (1/2 – 4 cycles per second)

      Delta is associated with deep sleep, this pattern is very slow, however, this brain waves pattern is important for the explorer of consciousness , the EEG is no help to grade, when occur X or Y in the delta range. If you work to merge with the mass consciousness of our planet you need to work in delta, the first step will be to learn to be conscious in your dreams, you can do that, you can go further in the exploration. Astral projection or Out of Body experience occurs in Delta. The EEG will not be able to really measure in what state you are in, because, it is not a sophisticated machine.
      All love and eternal gratitude-

  • sekhar

    Dear Angelique,

    I meditate for brief moments each day, usually in the morning or evening. Reiki has been a door opener for me.

    Many favourite books: Autobiography of a Yogi, Illusions, All of James Herriot’s books, the list goes on…

    Thank you for sharing.

  • http:// Littlepinkdaisy

    I am interested in anti aging and I take Resveratrol called Vivix for antiaging. It really helped my joints heal as I was starting to get arthritis. I would like to learn more about what you have to say about antiaging. I’ve never done Yoga, but do Callenetics and wonder if it is somewhat similar. I learned about meditation and am going into the alpha state through the Silva method; it gets rid of my headaches. If you want to check vivex out go to this link: It really scientifically repairs DNA and stops aging protiens from forming! That together with what you are going to teach might really work miracles!- Plus I believe we should all lay off the sugar. Healthy food is a must for antiaging!

    • angelique

      Nutrition is definitely part of it for me. I have been eating well most of my life. I believe staying away from preservatives, processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, fried, white flour, sugar, etc is very important. I don’t understand why they make food available that is bad for us? Why should we have to choose what is good for us to put in our body? Shouldn’t everything be made available that only makes us operate to our optimum? People don’t think of sugar like a drug, but it’s perhaps one of the most addictive. Disguised as harmless because unfortunately, it taste so good. But, did you know? Your taste buds are programs. And if you start to change to better sweet choices, like agave, or honey, your taste buds acclimate.
      I absolutely agree that eating healthy is a must for antiaging!
      All love and eternal gratitude-

    • Organic Eye Cream

      Agreed. Anti aging does not only involve the physical body, but the inner spirituality as well.

  • sudarshan dutta

    i a m praticing in naturopathy&diognusig with pendulium while sitting there i donot know what i am speaking&by the grace of all mighty power the reports are upto 80% correct i enjoy &truely conected to the god that is my real meditiation

  • Chris Hemmingway

    I, too; am new to this site. I sense alot of love, growth and nurturing here, and hope I can be a source of the same to others. I pray and meditate most mornings. I also loved “Autobiography of a Yogi” as a young woman. It might sound silly, but in the last few years I have found peace and inspiration in “Looking for Mary”; by Beverly D’Onofrio, and have read it several times. I teach nutrition and cooking for a non-profit agency. I have been coming back to life, and Light; after a series of difficult challenges. I am saying YES! to life again. Ann Taylor; I think your recording would be a real Blessing to me at this time. Please let me know how I can obtain it. I’m grateful to have discovered this site, and all of you. Peace be with you, Chris

    • angelique

      Sharing and empowering thank you!
      All love and eternal gratitude-

  • nagaveni

    thanks for giving good information.

  • marisa minda

    hi angelina thank you for this site, my only meditation form is when I do yoga,also I pray every morning I realy do not know how to do proper meditation; need some quidance…., thank you GOD BLESS….

    • angelique

      There are many different types of meditation, I am not an expert in all of them, but I do know what works for me. Finerminds has some great teleseminars on some experts, like Holosync and Bill Harris. And of course, the internet has many different sites you can visit and research till you find something that resonates with you.
      Are you aware that meditation is scientifically proven to be beneficial because of our ability to tap into our different brain waves? And why it works? Thank you Marisa, I think you have given me an idea for a future blog. I’ll try to put together somethings for you and some others that had a similar question.
      In the meantime, I urge you to do some investigative research and let me know what you find. After all, maybe you’ll find something wonderful to share with us.
      All love and eternal gratitude-

  • Edji

    Thank you Angelique (lovely name) for sharing this with us.

    I agree with you – keys to staying young include not making a fuss about birthdays – You don’t need to count and recount and listen to the unnecessary comments from others; and S.P.E.C as you mentioned. What I learnt through informally observing the behaviour of elderly people is that those who aged faster are the ones who were stuck with some unpleasant stuff from their past: regrets, anger… and who failed to enjoy the present. I think this is a very important factor because it makes it hard to practice gratitude or to focus on what is good in life… the Law of attraction bring more pain, stress… and aging!
    Just a thought.



    • angelique

      verb |ˈəpˌgrād; ˌəpˈgrād| [ trans. ]
      raise (something) to a higher standard, in particular improve (equipment or machinery) by adding or replacing components :

      in our case, to upgrade our consciousness. Us being the machine.
      All love and eternal gratitude-
      Thank you for stopping by

  • Susan

    I use to be a leisure time scuba diver which included night diving. With wet suite on and a light in one hand and tank on my back I jumped in only to realize my separation, aloneness and the fear of the dark unknown which lied ahead. Since I couldn’t see anything and, trying not to panic I started listoning; first, the stillness and then the sound of my breathe and I felt the flow of the water. I began to felt like a baby reborn; held in the ocean arms; being nourish by the breathe. This Stillnesss and the Breathe gave me the comfort and courage to move ahead and follow the Light.
    I am gratiful for knowing that The Breathe is always there which subtains,loves,guides and connects me with All That Is.
    I now become Still and listen to the Breathe.

  • Ciaran

    Hi Angelique and everyone too……
    A couple of years ago I began working with women who have been trafficked for Commercial Sexual Exploitation (Slave Prostitutes). The apt way to describe those women was that they were dieing before my eyes. It has been one of the most frightening and shocking experiences of my life. I was watching women who had given up on life and I can only describe it by saying that I watched as the life force was departing from them.
    Though I am not a religious person I found a kindred spirit in very religious nun and, through just following the prescribed steps of recovery and voicing the seemingly useless words of encouragement and hope the life force returned and the women thrived.
    I think, because I don’t know for sure , that what happened was that the religious sister(catholic she is though I am not)and I had a common benevolent purpose that found resonance in the Universe and that the energy was channeled through us to the women thus restoring the life energy and life force that had been ebbing from them. It had literally been similar to watching smoke escape beneath a closed door.they were dieing.
    Whether that is God, Life Force, Spirits , Angel’s etc- I do not know. Nor do I claim that we are able to work miracles or cure anyone. I cannot explain it and I don’t know if it will keep happening. I do know that something inexplicable occurred and it was more than the sister and I could individually do. We were merely conduits for a greater purpose and it was the most awesome experience. If I hadn’t seen it and been part of it I wouldn’t have believed it.
    I think that anyone who is reading here is on the right track for life. If your purpose and intent is positive then, as Helene’s acronym says SPEC it. Trust and believe, believe and Trust………………….!

    • angelique

      Believe and achieve, visualize and realize. Thank you for sharing.
      All love and eternal gratitude-

  • Steph

    Hello Angelique,
    Everything here, resonates with my soul. I too am eternally young.
    I try to practice satori meditation. The art of meditatating every single action of the day.
    My favourite book is “Family of light” by Barbara Marciniak.
    Before my journey began 18 years ago I was lost somewhere in ego. My intuitive self took me to a little moble home in the countryside just outside of Bristol(England)to a weekly spiritual group run by a lovely man called Ron Hutchinson. He was way ahead of time and taught me the info that is being widely circulated on the net at present. He now resides in the Angelic realms, God bless him.
    I am a healer through my connection with the Godforce, I work with removing blocks in the persons energy system to restore balance and well being. Then I show them how to be in control of their lives, empowering them once more. We are all connected to creator, we can all heal, it´s simply a choice we make in every moment, to connect to source or deny the connection. Yes, it really is that simple, the problem is our minds like to make things complicated. Connection to source brings bliss and love. life unfolds beautifully from then on.
    Sending everyone reading this love and light. Steph x

    • angelique

      Steph. I love your story and thanks for the book recommendation.
      You might like to check out my friend and healer Carol’Ann Tappaz. She will be one of the healers I will be introducing here, and it seems like you two might have things in common. http://www.Divalia.TV is her link. Please let me know what you think?

  • Dilip

    Hi Angelique I too like other friends am inspired to read your thoughts and your practices for inner development. I am a beginner in the spiritual journey that started four years ago. I am fortunate to have a spiritual master who simplifies the eternal truths in guidelines for practicing in our daily activities.

    I have been taught breathing processes like pranayam,as also yoga & meditation. Do it fairly regularly. I have read a few books on spirituality including The Autobiography of a Yogi it inspired me tremendously.

    I wish to learn more & more from you. Thank you.


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  • Joyce Hoko

    Kia Ora(Hello)Angelique,
    Thank you for your wonderful story of enlightenment.
    I am an indigenous woman from New Zealand who walked a spiritual journey for 35 years with my late husband, who left his imprint on earth of May 2008. My practice has been karakia (prayer) each morning and night and to nourish my mind, body and soul, I would be close to nature, to listen and seek the creativity bore from the sun, the sea and the moon.
    The challenges during these years were phenominal but my daily practice re-vitalised my spirit each day where deep spiritual LOVE conquered all barriers, which encompassed unity, compassion, love and a beautiful aura. My children have learned this practice and are now receiving that same divine spiritual love to pass on to their children.
    “I believe: it was my destiny to bring my husband from the dark to the light and once that was achieved he was taken suddenly to become my family’s spiritual guardian angel from above”. To my mokopuna (grandchildren) my late husband whom they knew as “PAPA”, is now known as:
    …Papa Sun; Papa Star and Papa Moon…
    I have not shared this story outside my family Angelique, so I thank you for giving me this opportunity to share with you.
    May the Lord (IO) bless you
    Arohanui (Much Love)

    Hineteata Hoko
    (Aotearoa-NZ 09)

    Angelique’s response-
    Dear Joyce,
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. I am honored that you were inspired to share with all of us here.
    We are one=You are me.
    I felt your story loud in my soul and it really moved me.
    The beauty all of you are reflecting here to me is filling my heart with an abundance of joy. Thanks to you, and all the others.
    All love and eternal gratitude-
    The Healers Way

  • Abeywickrama

    Appreciate your excellent ideas and work.Buddhist meditation
    called Sathi Pattana based on breathing is one of the best meditation s in the world .


  • Heidi Jørgensen

    Thank you for writing this good article!
    Personaly! I do believe that it does not really matter
    how old one is, because to me evry soul and the expression
    of that soul through their body is a gift on its own!
    I often say to people when they ask my age; I have been resident
    on this planet for this and this amount of years! That
    kind of makes people THINK! that it is not about how old your
    birth certificte says you are! It is about being a soul on a journey in the cosmos! and of course we all like to look
    nice and young, but I meet a lot of youngish looking people
    who really was not very human and loving, on the other hand I have seen the devine light shine through young and old because of the beauty of their Hearts and then age stops!
    It is all LIFE! In my dayily living I find great thankfullness in focusing on the threes in the streets( insted of the passing cars and trafic) I listen to the birds
    singing above the traffic noise, I wistle to them and they wistle back! It is very very simple Gratuide and open hearts
    towards nature makes you stay alive and you become what you
    focus on! What is more healthy; focus on pride of outer looks
    or focus on the supream of all beauty; GOD`S Creation and be one with this! then it will reflect in your whole being!

    With love from

    Heidi ( Denmark)

  • Katy Cox

    Hello Angelique and everyone
    I use “Image Streaming” as my meditation.
    Win Wenger wants us all to tap into our subconcious to problem solve -just by day-dreaming- that is the basic idea – once you have started Image Streaming you will be taken on joyous, enriching journeys by your mind.

    Please visit his site and read his ideas for improving our world – just by Image Streaming.

    Also thank you to Hineteata Hoko for sharing with us.

    love and light
    Katy, London, England.

  • john

    Wow! This is something to find your double! I practice TM twice a day for 15-minutes each,also face the East in the morning,and West in the Evening.Before meditation I dedicate my meditation to peace,love,health,and happiness to all mankind,and all sentient beings.Then focus in God,creator of all to bring this energy into Being.I decided to not age at a young age,and look over 12 years younger~people also try to guess my age.My favorite book is The Science of Mind and The Art of Being,by Maharisi Mahesh Yogi. You are just Beautiful to share your wisdom Thankyou for the connection,It Would be nice to meet in this life Journey Someday!

  • LALI

    ANGELIQUE, your wisdom and sprituality belies your age.Anyone who knows you will greatly benefit in one way or another.Most remarkable is your outlook of LIFE itself, and as a shining example you are truly awesome.
    As for me AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI by Paramahamsa Yogananda is one of the best books to read.My son, by giving me this book on my birthday; brought so much of joy and peace into my life.SRI YOGANANDA was a Hindu Guru who brought the concept of MEDITATION to the west WHILE LIVING IN AMERICA for 20 yrs. He practised KRIYA YOGA.
    Besides all the theories of ANTI AGEING, mind setting is very important.If you think young you will be always young.


  • marie mc bennett

    I loved reading your information on anti-ageing. Rather than trying to keep my youthful looks, I want to grow older with grace, beauty inside and wisdom. I have discovered nature and am making deep connections to tree spirits. I have a beautiful Old Oak Tree who is a healing and loving tree. I mediate in the park every morning on the roots of my friend. It grounds me, gives me healing and helps me feel strong
    Yours sincerely Marie
    Thank you

  • pallavi

    Hi Angelique that made really nice reading. Recently I was introduced to Secret,Law of Attraction. Your article will definitely help me practice these things effectively !! Thanks

  • Dari

    Thank you, Angelique. I like the idea of hiding your age too. The way to look and feel younger through my own experience is through music and dance. I noticed that musicians aged slower, I believe the vibrations of singing are like meditation.
    Also, I did fasting a long time ago, but still experience the benefits of it. I believe fasting is probably the best anti-aging thing out there.
    However, it has to be done by the book, otherwise can be dangerous.

    Angelique’s response-
    Dear Dari-
    Yes yes yes, I love fasting! But of course everyone must be careful and respectful of this valuable tool. There are proper methods to fasting and it can be dangerous if not done properly!
    Thanks so much for your comment.
    All love and eternal gratitude-
    PS I will be expanding with more and more information here as I get the time, on topics from fasting to nutrition, and even healing recipes!

    The Healers Way

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  • original sun

    Angelique, I recognize you as a fellow lightworker. What you write is what I have also been living all my life, and it’s good to meet you through the ‘net, so that we may share information and enhance each other’s knowledge and progress in our mutual work toward bringing about the dawn of a civilization based on love and truth. I don’t speak of age, I don’t believe in aging, or in dying, and I don’t expect to do either. I always seek to connect with persons, books, information from any source that brings more light into the darkness. For me, yoga is nirvana, both physical and spiritual and, together with walking outdoors, I find it an ideal practice to bring about the ideal body. I believe it is vital to address the body, as it is our sacred temple whose possibilities we can only learn when we truly honor it. As the wise aphorism says, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our bodies are the medium through which we have our physical experience, and if we truly honor our bodies, our physical experience can be ecstasy, bliss, joy. And by being fully aware and honoring of our bodies, as the perfection of our physical experience, we are thus opening the portal to having the most transcendent spiritual experience as well. One of the most vital factors of perfection of our physical experience is to understand and follow the immortal principles of health, of nature: plenty of sleep, fresh air, sunshine, exercise, mental and emotional poise. And the factor of nutrition is perhaps the most neglected and misunderstood. I have found, through the teachings of great masters that, in combination with observing all the other laws of life, the diet which is natural to our species bestows on us radiant health, luminescent beauty, indefinite longevity. It is the diet of Genesis, of the Essenes, of Pythagoras, of Hippocrates, rediscovered by the neo-classicist physicians who founded Natural Hygiene nearly two centuries ago—a diet of nothing but raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, and of eating them in a manner which our bodies will tell us is ideal for each of us. And another most important factor is to resist our cultural mandate to palliate symptoms, and instead fast and rest until health is restored. I do feel it is important to learn all that one can about fasting the way nature intended us to do—again, it’s very simple, all animals do it easily and with no problem, demonstrating that the most important thing our species needs to do is to strip away all the untruths we’ve been taught and uncover the truth thereby. I have found that following these principles stops the aging process, and in fact reverses it. I don’t by any means claim to have all the answers, we never stop learning, but this much I have learned, and it has served me well, and continues to do so. The greatest living master from whom I have learned the most about health is Dr. Bernarr, whose website is This site is ascetic, no frills, no gimmicks, which is consistent with the lifestyle that I find the most nourishing—although I’ve learned that the site will be enhanced somewhat, and of course more aestheticism is always welcome. I found that the books by the great Dr. Herbert Shelton on fasting—“Fasting Can Save Your Life”, and “The Science and Fine Art of Fasting”—and Dr. Shelton’s many books on nutrition, along with the refinements by Dr. Bernarr which can be accessed on his site, along with other articles which one can request on any topic by writing to him, have allowed me to attain the best health possible. Health is never finished—it is paradoxical: health is wholeness, yet wholeness is not absolute, but can be made more whole all the time. I read once long ago that all great truths are simple, and I wholeheartedly agree and embrace that truth. But I find that although truth is simple, its application in our lives is not necessarily easy at first, though if it is really truth, its consistent application will ultimately result in great bliss. My experience is consistent with the application of the principle that truth is simple, to meditation, many years ago has made it the most joyous, nourishing experience for me. The great psychologist and author Erich Fromm wrote a book called “The Art of Loving”, and in it he described meditation as not something you do, but as a state in which you find yourself, something you are. Accordingly, I have always meditated by comfortably lying down, closing my eyes, and simply melting into my bliss. For me it would not be meditating to sit cross-legged for hours, though I’m sure that works for many people. Even in yoga classes, our meditation at the end is always lying on our backs on our mats with our eyes closed, and for me it virtually always takes me to satchitananda. It does require practice, in the sense that just doing it over and over again leads me to nirvana surer and more immediately all the time. As for spiritual masters, there are so many great ones, and I am in awe of the invaluable messages that are available to us in our time. I can’t single out any one, but I do find the channeled messages perhaps the simplest, most inspiring and life changing, those brought to us by Barbara Marciniak, Jerry and Esther Hicks, and the works of Eckhart Tolle, Stuart Wilde, David Icke, Vaishali at, L. Ron Hubbard, recent Wayne Dyer, and so many others. We are living in a time when we have a chance to lift all the limitation that has enslaved our species and thus our beautiful planet, and I find that truth is available, more and more increasingly and readily. Though there is so much work to be done, we are truly blessed! Namaste to all.

  • LnddMiles

    Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked reading your blog posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

  • Louise

    I so agree about the aging. When people ask me my age, I question them back and ask them how important is it to them to know. Then I go on to say that of all the beautiful things you could be asking me, such things as what are your joys, your ambitions, your desires, your goals etc. things that are so much more interesting then someone's age. We can celebrate having live anothe year, the number is not important. I would like to see this change also in the media, especially the news. I try not to watch the news, but at times it is impossible. If a celebrity has a birthday, the number is announce all over the world. I am not interested in their age in fact I really don't want to know their age. What is wrong with them saying that they are celebrating another year on this earth? It is not my business to know.
    I have a very good friend of 16 years, I have no idea what her age is and I don't care to know. I don't recall ever asking someone their age in my lifetime. I always thought that it was to personal and very uninteresting.