What Keeps You Up? – The Importance Of Sleep

sleep 300x146 What Keeps You Up?   The Importance Of SleepYou’re getting sleeeeeeeeepy, so sleeeeeepy …. Do you have trouble sleeping sometimes? A lot? I went through a few years when this was a real issue for me. Oh, getting to sleep was no problem – it was that middle of the night thing that was the trouble. I’d wake up around 2 or 3am and the monkey mind would kick into worry, fret, planning or plain old nonsense!

Turns out, lots of folks have trouble sleeping at different points in their life. When worry is involved, this poses a major risk to your long-term health (to say nothing of your energy levels!) The culprits? Oh, the usual suspects: stress, over work, rich food, lack of meditation.

What’s worked for me first and foremost has been to take on a daily meditation practice. This made major improvements in other areas of my life like:

  • Lowering my stress response to things
  • The ability to quiet my mind at will more easily
  • The ability to be awake without getting into thoughts of worry
  • A loss of desire for heavy foods or too much wine
  • More frequent ability to actually sleep through the night

Sleep is an important part of living a balanced, healthy life. It may be true that, as we age, we need less sleep than when we were younger, but that shorter span should ideally be uninterrupted – and certainly not punctuated by worry, stress, binge eating or frustrations.

Some folks choose to go the drug route – either prescription or self-medication. What I’ve found though, is that, besides exercise, fresh air and meditation, L-tryptophane has worked for me under known stressful conditions. I can’t recommend this to anyone, but I can say that others report similar results.

How about you? Do you or have you had trouble sleeping? What have you found works to get a good night’s zzzz’s? What hasn’t? Share any insights, experience or wisdom you have for our sleepless readers in the comments below.

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