The BIG Picture – Holistic Healing Questions For Your Endocrine System

Screen shot 2011 02 28 at 5.12.01 PM 267x300 The BIG Picture   Holistic Healing Questions For Your Endocrine SystemToday our ‘Big’ system questions are all about your Endocrine System. And what’s more, they’re even bigger than usual. Why? Because your Endocrine System is intimately connected with all of the rest of your body’s systems; and … the various glands of the Endocrine connect to a huge range of potential mental and emotional issues.

What we Know

We actually don’t know everything about what the Endocrine glands do. But what we do know is that they work with your Nervous System to coordinate and control all the other systems in your body. Basically, nothing escapes a connection with the Endocrine glands – not even your chakras, which are key to your subtle body’s energy.

Here’s how it works (very basically): your Endocrine glands secrete hormones directly into your bloodstream. Depending on your physical, mental and emotional state of being, these hormones either inhibit or activate the functioning of your body’s organs. Essentially, they’re bio-chemical catalysts.

The ‘Umbrella’ Questions

So when it comes to your body’s Endocrine System in general, the questions you’d want to ask are generally related to how you respond to life’s circumstances. Here’s a few examples:

  • Am I over-reacting to any situations or people in my life?
  • Am I responding to life ineffectually or inappropriately?
  • Do I feel inhibited in my responses to people or situations?

Let’s Get Specific

There are a lot of glands in your body. Some play a major role in your overall physical well-being, others have smaller parts. The ‘big players’ include Adrenals, Pineal, Pituitary, Reproductive (ovaries and testicles), Thymus, and Thyroid. Let’s have a look at these major glands to see how they operate and what kind of questions we should be asking when they aren’t functioning well …

Your Adrenal Glands

“Fight or Flight” is a good way to remember how the adrenals work. They’re your self-preserve button, doing things like breaking down food for fuel and activating during emergencies. They get fried by too much worry and stress for too long a period of time, so the question to ask yourself if you’ve got problems with your Adrenal glands are:

  • Am I refusing to care for or respond to important issues in my life?
  • Am I over-stressing about something?
  • Are others not supporting me when I need help?
  • Am I letting anxiety and worry run my life?

Your Pineal Gland

You might also call this the ‘paradoxical’ gland. It’s intimately connected to your nervous system, yet not a single nerve cell can be found within it. It’s thought to be the source of our meta-physical awareness, yet, it’s most definitely a very physical gland. It’s also somehow connected with both spiritual and sexual growth. If you’ve got pineal problems, here’s what to ask yourself:

  • Am I honoring both my spiritual and sexual Self?
  • Am I using my sexual and mental energies with care for myself and others?
  • Do I recognize my sexual nature as also sacred?

Your Pituitary Gland

This is the gland that manages all the others, as well as your immune system. If you’ve got concerns about your pituitary, you want to ask yourself questions about how you’re managing your life. Questions like:

  • Am I managing my own life or letting others do it for me?
  • Do I need to be more pro-active about deciding what’s best for me?
  • Am I too busy making decisions for other people?

Your Reproductive Organs

Female or male, your reproductive organs are connected with generational issues, creativity and of couse, sexuality. Problems with your ovaries or testes should lead you to questions like:

  • Where in my life am I blocking my creative self-expression?
  • Have I inherited any out-moded concepts or false beliefs about being a parent, a child or a creative person in the world?
  • Do I feel inhibited or ashamed of my unique sexual desires and expressions?
  • Am I caring for my sexual nature in a healthy way that honors both myself and anyone I share physical intimacy with?

Your Thymus Gland

Think: “Immune System” folks. Your Thymus is directly connected to the health and strength of your immune system. So if you find yourself repeatedly getting sick, here’s what you want to ask yourself:

  • Do I think I’m ‘immune’ to the effects of unhealthy habits?
  • Am I denying that ALL of my actions have repercussions?
  • Am I involving myself in problems or ‘issues’ that are none of my business?
  • Am I ‘infecting’ others with my negative thoughts and actions?
  • Am I allowing someone else’s negative thoughts and actions ‘infect’ me?
  • Am I losing my ability to sense the ‘sweetness’ in my life?

Your Thyroid Gland

Your Thyroid could just as easily be called your thermostat because it controls the rate of your metabolism. Energetically, it has to do with how you express yourself and it’s deeply connected to your throat chakras. here’s some questions to ask yourself if your thyroid is out of whack:

  • Am I expressing my needs and wants?
  • Am I sluggish or over-hyper about using my creative self-expression?
  • Am I claiming my power appropriately?
  • Am I trying to take away another’s power in order to feel more secure?

Your Turn!

Have you got health concerns with any of these glands? If you do, please let me know what you learn when you ask these questions of yourself.

Many blessings,

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