Spontaneous Healing – How Our Human Hearts Can Heal Us

Feelings, vibrations & our human hearts … when we change the way we FEEL, everything changes. I remind myself this every day – sometimes on a moment-by-moment basis. Science dovetails with ancient, sacred knowledge in this enlightening video about the … Read More

Watching Your Words – How Language Can Heal Or Harm Your Body

You have healing power within yourself – we all do. And it’s contained within your words. Russian scientists have been studying the connection between language and the body’s DNA, and what they’re finding is the same thing all the spiritual … Read More

Impossible? Maybe Not – How To Live To 150

I truly value the wisdom and guidance of my elders. In fact, there is no more powerful or effective path to wisdom than accumulating years & decades. But when aging means losing mobility, agility and strength, let’s face it, it … Read More

Listen With Your Heart – How To Learn From The Trees

One of the members of our Healer’s Way, Facebook community recommended a video last week that was so beautiful, I wanted to share it with all of you here. After I posted a picture of me hugging a tree, I … Read More

To Sleep Per Chance To Dream – How To Improve Your Sleep

Update from Dawn: since I wrote this, I’ve come across a much more informative series of vids on sleep & EMFs. So if sleep (or lack thereof) has you down, you’re going to LOVE these free videos with David Wolfe on … Read More

Active Aging – Yoga, Laughter & Seniors

I am really blessed to still have both my parents around. My dad is now 80 years old, and my mom several years younger. A few years back, their insurance began covering their membership at a local gym. The took … Read More

Pizza In The Raw? – Let The Raw Food Family Show You How!

So may of you liked my last raw food video post that I thought I’d find you another 🙂 Today, let me introduce you to the Raw Food Family. These beautiful children (and their grown-ups) have a delicious pizza recipe … Read More

I’m Too Young For This! – 7 Signs Of Premature Aging

Okay, I know I may seem like I’m harping on this, But I’ve been trying to get a ‘bead’ on exactly what ‘aging’ is – and more importantly – what it doesn’t need to be. So I’ve been scouring the … Read More

And Speaking Of Raw Food … – Why Chocolate Is Good For You

Listen … Do you hear it?? It’s all the world’s chocolate lovers sighing with relief 🙂 🙂 Okay, I’ll admit it – it’s my sigh of relief, and it feels mighty loud at the moment because I found out something … Read More

Forget The Cooking – Raw Spaghetti And Sauce Recipe

As an Italian, I must admit that my first response to a menu with ‘raw’ spaghetti & sauce on it didn’t exactly whet my apetite. Until I tried it, that is. I’ve been lucky enough to have eaten at several … Read More

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