The Nocebo Effect – How Your Thoughts Effect Your Health

What you think is what you get – even scientific studies say so. Main stream medical docs may be a bit slow on the uptake and applications of this now well-known fact, (think of all the ‘terminal illness prognostications that … Read More

Reclaiming YOU – The Healing Power Of Authenticity

Do you want to know what the single most healing thing I ever did for myself was? I stopped trying to please someone else … When it comes to self-care and self-healing, if you’re busy trying to please others by bending and conforming to their expectations of you then you’re going to have a hard time succeeding. Read More

Willie Nelson Says Occupy The Food System – Organic Farming Or GMOs?

Now this is good news! Super star musician and president of Farm Aid, Willie Nelson has made a powerful call to action against the food poisoning chemical company and GMO leviathan Monsanto. The result? 300,000 (yes, that’s three hundred thousand) … Read More

FrankenFood – The Danger And Insanity Of GMO Food

Want to be ‘coded’ to produce insecticides in your own body? Yeah – keep eatin’ GMO food. “The more you eat them, the less human you become.” This is now proven, genetic truth – not hyperbole or even metaphor … … Read More

Healing With The Archetypes – An Exclusive LIVE Interview!

I’m delighted to invite you to an exclusive, LIVE event with me next week … Read More

Healing And Tarot Huh? – A Visit With The Archetypes

What does the tarot have to do with healing? Well, archetypally speaking, a lot! If you’re not familiar with the tarot, it’s an ancient card system of divination. In this day and age though, the cards are used more for … Read More

Fasting And Detox – Would You?

“It’s not just a bodily discipline … it creates a shift in spiritual awareness and consciousness.” This is what scientist, author and researcher Rupert Sheldrake has to say about fasting. There are both physical and spiritual elements to doing a … Read More

Self-Healing And The Placebo Effect – The Future Of Medicine

More high-quality guidance – from science and doctors – on the incredible power of the mind when it comes to healing. “genes are not controlling our body,” says epigeneticist and doctor Bruce Lipton. Further, science has recognized that “at least … Read More

What Keeps You Up? – The Importance Of Sleep

You’re getting sleeeeeeeeepy, so sleeeeeepy …. Do you have trouble sleeping sometimes? A lot? I went through a few years when this was a real issue for me. Oh, getting to sleep was no problem – it was that middle … Read More

Is This About Healing? – Cute Kitty Video

What does this video have to do with healing? Well, nothing and everything. You see, I love animals, and when I am really struggling to get my thoughts going in a positive direction, there’s one kind of thought that works … Read More

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