Traditional Medicine Complemented By Reiki And Healing With Energy

Head massage

Healing with energy still seems to be a fringe topic when it comes to medicine but that’s quickly changing as more and more western medical practitioners use alternative healing methods, such as Reiki or Qigong. By combining traditional and conventional … Read More

Thank You for Your Questions! Your Chunyi Lin Interview Is Coming Shortly…

Greetings friends and Angels, I hope this is finding you wonderful and breathing deeply, filling your heart with love each moment. Feeding your soul with positive thoughts and love, attracting this more into your life. I’m doing it right now. … Read More

Ask Chunyi Lin Your Most Burning Qigong Question


Update: I’ve already conducted the interview with Qigong master Chunyi Lin and it was simply amazing! Already, more than 2951 of you have accessed your free interview… so thank you so much for all your support and the hundreds of … Read More

Healing With Energy – Expressing Gratitude


Gratitude is an oft overlooked power when it comes to healing with energy – positive energy. Yes, healing with energy includes gratitude! So I thought it’s high time that we give it some attention.  Here is an inspiring question/answer article … Read More

Healing Via The Throat Chakra

Great video on chakra healing, with a focus on the throat chakra or the Vishuddhi chakra. Uses meditation and visualization to complete your healing.

8 Healing Benefits Of Stinging Nettle


Greetings friends and angels, Thank you for all your amazing support and comments. More than 2951 of you signed up for the FREE interview with Qigong master Chunyi Lin! With the hundreds of questions we got from you, I did … Read More

Your Brain’s Healing Powers – How It Switches To Alternative Fuel To Keep Going


So how in the world does “alternative fuel” for your brain have anything to do with healing? Well first of all, this alternative fuel is really lactate, which is a byproduct of your muscles when you work out or exercise. … Read More

Tai Chi And Its Healing Benefits


Tai Chi is more than meets the eye when it comes to healing.  There’s a reason why it’s been in practice for centuries and it’s a very good reason too. It’s history is deep-rooted and it actually began as a … Read More

The 8 Foods You Need For Healing And Health


I often talk about how important it is to watch what we put into our bodies. As the saying goes, “treat your body like it’s a temple.” And we all know that broccoli, carrots, and lots of water are good … Read More

A Medicinal Herbs Guide To Natural Healing

Plant Sequence

Nature is a beautiful and wonderous thing that has a direct and immense impact on your healing. It’s sad that instead of looking to the natural healing properties of herbs, plants, and fruits, we just pop another pill. Well with … Read More

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