Yoga Week At The Healer’s Way – HypnoRestorative Yoga

Aminda Courtwright is the Founder of ArCreated Wellness, where she and her husband Carl partner to help people attain holistic wellness through energy work, hypnotherapy, nutrition counseling, Reiki and yoga. Aminda developed her own, signature styles of yoga called HypnoRestorative … Read More

Yoga Week At The Healer’s Way – Yaapana Yoga

“Don’t just Do Something, Stand There!” This is what’s written on a t-shirt a yogi friend of mine gave me, and it seems apropos for introducing today’s yoga teacher, Jules Mitchell … ‘Being’ versus ‘Doing’ (and “Being Poses”) is one … Read More

Yoga Week At The Healer’s Way – Bikram “Hot” Yoga

Dear Healer’s Way reader’s, Meet Lies Sol. Lies is a newly certified Bikram yoga teacher. If you’ve been hearing about this ‘hot’ yoga and want to know what it’s all about, check out this 10 minute vid. Bikram yoga is … Read More

Yoga Week At The Healer’s Way – Welcome!

Dearest Healer’s Way Readers, Happy Holidays & Welcome to Yoga Week at the Healer’s Way! This may be humble but it is most sincere – this week is my little holiday gift to you 🙂 And whether you’re ‘into’ yoga … Read More

Yoga And Healing – A Few Questions For You

Dear Healer’s Way Readers, I’ve got some questions for you today and I’m hoping you’ll help. I’d like to know who is doing yoga, what kind, and if you’ve experienced any structural challenges, injuries or problems related to your yoga … Read More

Big Pharma And You – Cancer Isn’t A Death Sentence

“For over a century, big business and pharmaceutical companies worldwide have withheld the cure for cancer and countless other medical conditions …” This is the beginning quote in a video I’ve just come across called, “Run from the Cure.” The … Read More

Are You An Over-Giver? – An Energy Healer’s Look At Fibromyalgia

Are you an over-giver? Do you do and do and do for others without giving and doing for yourself? The reason why I ask is because the subject of healing Fibromyalgia has come up a lot lately and I’m finding … Read More

Practical, Healing & Free – Interview With An Ayurvedic ‘Rock Star’

Dear Healer’s Way readers, A few weeks back I was down in Sedona Arizona, visiting with friends and exploring the alternative healing practices there. In my desire to find the best tools for all of us to live a more … Read More

Your Holiday Health Challenge – How To Avoid Overeating

holiday health

With the holiday season now well underway, I thought this would be a great time to talk about a health concern many of us share at this time – overeating. I don’t know about you, but when I was growing … Read More

Healing And Wholing In The New Energy – Inspiring Video

healing and wholing

Dear Healer’s Way Readers, I came across such a beautiful video that I had to share it with you. There’s wise, wise guidance here for spiritual healing & wholing – and so much hope, too! As we move into a … Read More

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